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Vegans Find Way to Be Even More Annoying

Members of a group called Direct Action Everywhere Toronto showed up at a fancy restaurant and demanded to know if the place served dog meat.


They then rushed to the middle of the restaurant and tried to guilt the patrons into giving up meat.

None of these rude people were arrested.  There’s video of the incident.


Vice did an interview with one of the protestors who encourages us all to give up eating meat. She suggests Meatless Mondays or to just stop eating chicken.

As far as I know eating meat is legal, so shaddup.

27 Comments on Vegans Find Way to Be Even More Annoying

  1. It sure would be beneficial to be able to barf up meat on cue on some vegan who was bitching about me eating it…..

  2. I would like to see them try that shit in Montana. It would be a YouTube classic.

    Title: Faggot Vegans Getting KO’d With Peppermill at Steakhouse

  3. Is a knuckle sandwich too much meat for them?

    These are the same buffoons who scream and rant we’re trying to shove Christianity down there throat if there is a public or nativity which they easily ignore or avoid. Of course they’re fine with screeching and shoving their values down the the throats of others.

    One fine day I will lose patience with shitwits like this and bash them with a meat-free totally organic chair.

  4. No one will EVER guilt me into giving up meat…’specially not these punk a** vegans. And where do I go to report how I am offended at the fact that they DON’T eat meat??

  5. These are home-bred useful idiots. The only good news is that they eventually starve themselves into some sort of terminal condition.

    What we need is a good, effective gravy gun, to douse these assholes in cooked blood and meat juice.

    Go ahead. Interrupt my dinner…

  6. Reminds me of a picture I saw on the internet a few years back.
    A sign board outside a Chinese restaurant stated:

    We no see your cat
    Please no more ask.

  7. If this happened to me I would flash my peace officer ID and shield, and arrest them for harassment, disturbing the peace, and disruption of commerce.

  8. Humans are omnivores. You can tell by our dentition.

    So enjoy your salad, you misguided vegans.
    (Not exactly sure what a vegan is. Probably some species of idiot.)

    And stay the hell away from my steakhouse.

  9. Someday, when I no longer work in an industry full of vegans where I have to be afraid to speak the truth because it puts my financial future at risk, I hope to write some VERY interesting pieces on the chaotic and totally failed concepts of veganism in general. So much terrible hypocrisy and so much self-back patting, I could spend hours sharing stories of how f*cked up so many of them are as humans, it’d make your head spin.

    They quite possibly are some of the worst people you could have to work with daily, I count down the days until I can make a personal withdrawal from having to deal with another one of those loons. Sure, there are some vegans who are decent people who won’t preach to you and won’t give a shit if you eat a burger in front of them, but that accounts for perhaps 0.1% or less of their ranks, the rest are just horrible people who clamor for animal rights while continually trying to destroy your rights to eat what you want, drive the car you want, and live how you want. Vegans make my brain hurt, and I was one of them for many, many years.

  10. Every vegetarian/vegan child I’ve ever met looks wan and feeble. Is there any way to get a complete protein without direct protein from meat? I’ve never been interested in meat-free eating, so I don’t know much about it. My grandparents raised beef cattle and our freezer was always full of beef. If I had a last meal it would be a 32-ounce, bone-in rib eye steak — medium rare, on the rare side. With sauteed mushrooms. And maybe a little Heinz 57 or A-1 on the side for the middle third of it.

    I wonder which vegetable vegans would regard as their “rib eye?”

  11. So right! I’d love to smash a hot chicken fried steak covered in gravy in their limp-wristed, sandal-wearing, faggot-assed faces.

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