Vegetarianism Will Ruin Your Health

A study from the Medical University of Graz, Austria finds that vegetarian diets correlate with mental disorders, worsened preventative health care and the need for more medical treatment.

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  1. I believe the results are skewed by the fact that, in my experience, the only people actually drawn to vegetarianism in the first place are already fucking loonies.

  2. If that were true then I would not be a healthy, doctor and prescription free 62 year old and reader of IOTW.

  3. Well done, Carl!

    My starter wife was a vegetarian, and a lot of her friends were, too, so I know more than I really need to about vegetarian nutrition. (I am a meat eater, love it, and a nice juicy steak or roast is the centerpiece of my favorite meals.)

    It is possible to eat a well-balanced and nutritious vegetarian diet, but it takes a lot of information, careful planning, regular med checkups with blood work, and is anything but cheap. Most vegetarians don’t have the discipline (no surprise) to do it right. I commend those who do, but emphasize that they are in the small minority.

    One of the most disgusting things I ever had to put up with when doing holiday celebrations with my ex and her pals was the traditional Thanksgiving Nut Loaf. Bleaaaaggghh!

  4. Congratulations vegetarians you’re gas bags just waiting for spontaneous combustion.

    And, nobody at work or at home wants to sit next to you.

  5. @Carl: My doctor is a Seventh-day Adventist and is a vegetarian. He looks like death warmed over and is skinny – too skinny. I know several Seventh-day Adventist who are vegetarians and guess what? They will die too. some have already died of cancer and they were young. Tell ya what they love dem pies and cakes.

  6. This is disappointing, no longer being able to blame my mental health problems on my job and President Obama.

  7. I read a lot about this Austrian study and it always makes me laugh. Claiming that eating vegetable causes cancer is like to claim that watching football causes bad dreams…


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