Venezuela Expected To Hit One Million Percent Inflation Rate – IOTW Report

Venezuela Expected To Hit One Million Percent Inflation Rate

The International Monetary Fund, the transnational entity entrusted with global security market stability, is forecasting that Venezuela will soon hit an inflation rate of 1,000,000 percent. This officially puts Venezuela ahead of Germany’s famous Weimar Republic for printing money, but still far behind Hungary’s post WWII inflation rate of 4.19 quintillion percent (still considered the world record holder). More


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  1. Holy 20 pound bag of excrement on a rocket sled.

    It’s a shame your average Bernie/Hillary/Ocasio-Cortez voter has no clue what this means.

  2. Soon they’ll be flooding America, saying they have a repressive government (that they voted for)… then they’ll vote for the same thing here…. wonderful! If only Americans had a say in our own immigration policy.

  3. “Waiter! How much for a cup of coffee?”
    “A cup of coffee costs 32 million quatloos, sir.”
    “I’ll go to the bank next door and get some cash.”
    “Very well, sir.”
    Five minutes later…
    “Waiter! Please bring me a cup of coffee. Here’s my 32 million quatloos.”
    “Very sorry sir, but that was five minutes ago. The price is now 40 million.”

  4. To some degree or other, this always happens to a fiat currency. It’s easier to deal with when it’s slow, but not when prices change more than once per day.

    Something that costs one U.S. dollar today cost something less than three cents one hundred years ago.

  5. No shit, anon. – we’ve got a tanker full of wheelbarrows from China headed to Venezuela – we’re gonna make a killin’!

  6. Socialism Sucks!
    Socialists drag everything down to the lowest level of absolute Suck to make themselves look better!
    This is what happens with these worthless, no-talent pieces of shit who can’t compete in the open market! They take the path of least resistance by keeping the people stupid, uninformed and needy simply to make their jobs of controlling the people as easy as possible.

  7. On a bright side of this.., their paper currency is now cheaper to use instead of toilet paper.. to wipe their asses with.

  8. Persuasion doesn’t work with Socialists. They have to hit their heads to wake up – in a pine box, six feet under ground.

  9. @Pelopidas

    Actually: It’s a shame there isn’t even one BernieBot who has a single clue what this means

  10. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was heard to say, “This is more great proof that Socialism is, like, awesome!. One dollar is now worth a million dollars! Coooool”
    …. “What? Well, ‘I am not the expert … on this issue’.”

  11. The one thing you’ll never get across to the socialist supporters we have here. The Socialists holding office are living just fine. The socialists that voted them in are starving.

  12. The Weimar Republic inflated the
    money in part because of the crushing amount of war reparations the French demanded for WW l. They printed huge amounts of unbacked paper and paid it to the French.
    MADuro hasn’t even got that bad excuse.

  13. There is no problem.
    The problem is actually solved.
    If you had 1 dollar you now have 1 MILLION dollars.
    YOU get a million, and YOU get a million, EVERYBODY gets a million dollars!

    Gold is good. Stack it up when you can. I’m more in it for anonymity because once those dollars are traded for gold there is no more tracking if you play it proper. The greatest keeper and tax free transfer of wealth you can hold.


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