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Venezuela’s Maduro Appreciates “Loyalty”

With 40,000 percent inflation rate and now a water shortage, Venezuelans sure have it good under the Socialist Maduro. Why things in Caracas are going so well, that the government promoted nearly 17,000 military personal based on their loyalty to the regime. More

6 Comments on Venezuela’s Maduro Appreciates “Loyalty”

  1. The recipient of this show of appreciation gets to squeeze a roll of Charmin; they don’t get to keep it, just squeeze it.

  2. In Venezuela, when they say “I’ll take toilet paper for $1,000” they aren’t playing Jeopardy, they’re just at the store.

  3. 49,000% inflation even beats the old record of 25,000% set in Zimbabwe by Mugabe, he is now a goodwill ambassador for the nothing. [un]


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