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Venezuela’s Rent-A-Casket Market

Things have gotten so bad in socialist Venezuela that those wishing to bury their deceased loved ones have resorted to renting a casket for the service, then placing the departed in a cheap plastic bag for burial. Caskets are reused this way over and over again. Here

I wonder if there’s an app for that?

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  1. … this is actually not that weird. Here in the United States, it’s fairly common with cremations to rent a casket for the layout, and then return the casket instead of buying it since you’re not going to bury it anyway. I know a guy who works for a casket company, and he says they have a division that does nothing but clean caskets out after cremations for all the various funeral homes they contract with for rentals. He says they could be very disgusting, as not everyone is that great at embalming or that tidy about how they handle a corpse…


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