Very Good Video of Trump in San Diego – Unedited, UnSpun and Refreshing

All Too Much recommended this video and I have to agree, it’s a good one.

It’s president Trump unscripted in San Diego talking about the border, the horrible job Jerry Brown is doing, and how flight from California, because of policies that threaten the security and economics of its citizens, will lead to disaster for the state.

Trump has changed the office of the presidency forever. Unless the next president is as transparent, unguarded and truthful, they are going to suffer with the comparison.

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  1. I still shake my head that DJ Trump is President. Then I say a quick prayer of thanks that he is.

    It really is amazing that he has accomplished so much, with his hands and feet tied, a hood over his head, multiple GOP stab wounds in his back, and a constant stream of negativity. .

    He is like a King salmon; headed towards his goal, no matter how many leftist and MSM dams are thrown up, no matter how many RINO and nevertrumper grizzlies he avoids, constantly fighting upstream, remembering his campaign promises, plus pulling America out of the progressive quicksand.

    Thank you, Lord.

  2. BB — Tell me if I’m intuiting this correctly: CA sees itself as too leading edge to let the rest of the country reap and enjoy the benefits of MAGA to not get on the Trump Train. It will be oh so subtle at first, but by 2020 there will be a decided switch to him, only the voters will cite some other reason for doing so.

    What say you?

  3. AA

    I think, I hope, it’s started switching yesterday. I’m encouraged by the usual Liberal Bull Shit posts on FB all but being shut out by conservatives. Between FB and some local talk radio shows, you can feel the anger building.


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