Very scary DIY Halloween costume

This company is offering everything you need to create a very scary Halloween costume!  All that you would need to add are death-warmed-over makeup, a ventilator, a paramedic, and standby surgeons! – ChiGuy

It’s being sold as Ruth Bader Ginsburg

ht/ chiguy

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  1. In 2004 I dressed up as an unshaven bum with a mostly smoked stogie, carrying a wine bottle in a paper bag and wearing a sandwich sign designed to look like a ballot card checked off for Ralph Nader. That wuz the year I went out as a wasted vote!

    I guess next year I’ll dress up as a drunken clown, I just don’t know whose name will be on the ballot card yet!

  2. The costume includes a small vile of fox piss to sprinkle on along with inner pockets filled with moth balls that will complete the realistic effect.
    Get one for your child before they’re gone!


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