Video: Bernie Sanders Supporters Trap Illinois Democrat in Her Car


Bizarre. Watch these Bernie Bros stalk @BetsyforIL and then surround her car last night, while they shout, “Block her in!” They scream at her to debate a fringe far-left candidate who only has 2 donors from Illinois.

Breitbart: Supporters of Democrat presidential primary frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stalked and harassed Democrat congressional candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan by attempting to trap her in a vehicle, according to a video captured Monday evening.

Facebook Live video shows pro-Sanders activists shouting at Londrigan — who is running in Illinois’ 13th Congressional district — and demanding that she debate her primary opponent, socialist Stefanie Smith.

“Will you support Medicare for All?” one activist is seen shouting at Londrigan.

At one point, the activists are heard urging “block her in” and to “get by her window.”

The Democrat candidate appeared with Smith at a recent forum and pledged to support her far-left opponent if she won; however, Smith refused to say whether she would support Londrigan if she won the primary.

“It was a non-violent protest,” Smith wrote in a Facebook post. “[I]f Betsy can’t handle a few people demanding a conversation about the life or death issues facing many of is [sic] in this district, she should quit now because she will not be able to handle Davis and Trump.”

In a subsequent Facebook video, Smith then expressed appreciation for the agitators’ actions, gushing: “I can’t tell you how much it meant to me when I watched the video of what happened.” WATCH

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  1. …that’s not Berntards outside your car, that’s Karma.

    You earned it.

    Enjoy it.

    …I know I̳ will…

  2. just in case you’ve been told that it’s only Chicago that’s F’ed up with demoncrats, this is a mid to southern district in IL…

  3. I am a Canadian deplorable. Watching the coverage of the last 4 years of American politics, I truly believe that there will be a short, nasty civil war next year. I hope not, but at some point, someone is “going to snap” and go full postal on these “protestors”.

  4. @Big Momma’s right. These vermin are fine with attacking their own for not being radical communists. When Trump wins, Repubs take back the House, and increase in the Senate, they WILL rampage – it’s what they do.

    They’re going to step over the line with someone, like threatening a woman’s children or something, and she’ll draw her legally-carried firearm and blow the MF’ers away. That’ll be the signal for the rest of the mob to lose their shxt and attack everywhere. At that point, people will have no choice but to defend themselves.

    For those who think a civil war will be short, you’d better rethink that. It will be long and bloody, nobody will know who the enemy is since there won’t be uniforms, and we all live amongst each other. Will you have the courage and the will to fight your spouse, your children, or your mother if their politics are the opposite of yours? Will they fight you?

    God, I hate these communists/socialists/democrats more every day, and I hate them even more for FORCING me to hate them.

  5. @ Anonymous FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 10:06 AM

    Gulags in America are but an estimated 10 million AR-15 style rifles in private hands away


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