South Carolina isn’t Joe’s Firewall; it’s his last hurrah

Patriot Retort:

For months now Biden, the press and his surrogates have all said South Carolina will be his Firewall (even though Joe is now claiming he never said that even though he said exactly that).

And I don’t mean to toss cold water all over Joe’s Firewall, but…

Okay, yes, I do.

Here’s the thing.  South Carolina isn’t his Firewall.  It’s Joe’s last hurrah.

Sure, there’s a good chance he’ll win in Saturday’s primary.  And if he does win, Joe would be remiss if he didn’t give a shout-out to Michael Bloomberg for letting old Joe have the lane all to himself.

That’s the only reason Joe Biden stands a good chance of coming out on top.

And therein lies the problem going forward.

After Saturday, Biden won’t have the so-called “moderate” lane to himself.*

[*There really isn’t a “moderate” lane in the 2020 Democrat race. But when you’re running against Marxists, even Left-leaning, Big Government Authoritarians like Biden and Bloomberg look “moderate.”] read more

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  1. …so, is it OK to investigate all his and his kid’s corruption when he is no longer a viable candidate?

    I mean, seeing has how it could not possibly “influence elections” if the dude isn’t in them and all…

  2. ….BTW, the purpose of an actual firewall is to keep the damage from spreading.

    It doesn’t help you at ALL with what’s ALREADY burnt down.

    And the part that DIDN’T burn is probably water and smoke damaged, and uninhabitable as a result.

    All a firewall REALLY does is give you time to escape.

    Will Joe be escaping, then?

    …Let’s watch…

  3. Question is: will poor old Joey even realize it?
    Think his handlers are explaining anything to him?

    Here, Joey, eat your oatmeal.
    Joey, you’re NOT running for the Senate.
    Joey, you’re NOT in Iowa.
    Joey, don’t touch the little girls.
    Joey, stay on script – don’t talk about things you imagine.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. So Obama’s V.P. for 8 years isn’t running away with this, can’t get his boss’s endorsement, is way behind an avowed socialist?

    He had Iowa all to himself and couldnt make political hay out of it.

    His schtick is blustery tough talk, but not much else other than exaggerations and gaffetastic flubs.

  5. Once this stone-cold, crooked-ass, Tourettes-addled, grinning imbecile (with the mental agility of a small plant stand) is done and out of the race, who will be the first Rat in the gang to jump ship?
    Hunter Biden
    James Biden
    Frank Biden
    Valerie Biden
    Ashley Biden
    Howard Krein
    Devon Archer
    Kevin Justice
    Not to mention a whole slew of enabling democRATz!!

  6. You laugh now but soon you’ll miss his tales of heroism while facing down hoodlums,demolishing his political rivals with clever quips and stroking the hair on his lags.

  7. gin blossom
    FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 10:04 AM
    “You laugh now but soon you’ll miss his tales of heroism while facing down hoodlums…”

    …it’s like this, then…

    “[Scene: Former DOOP Headquarters. Everyone is back in the courtroom again.]
    Zapp: And so, when Captain Leela panicked, perhaps distracted by female troubles, my quick thinking allowed me to do whatever I did to save the day.

    Glab: Captain Leela, is this rambling story of magic and heroism true?

    Leela: Well, actually–

    Farnsworth: [whispering] That a girl! If they don’t take him back we can keep him as captain.

    [Zapp winks at Leela and “click-clicks”. She stands up.]
    Leela: Your Honour, it’s all true: My female incompetence, Zapp’s cat-like reflexes, the stuff that made no sense, all of it.”,_Begin_Again/Transcript

    …and that’s why Jill doesn’t put a STOP to it, she’s Leela…

  8. Mith: For the last two days, Biden has been running an ad that is nothing but Obama talking over images that appear to be an endorsement of his campaign.

    It’s from an old speech but Obama didn’t tell him to stop. Plus, I’ve seen a number of choreographed interviews with Biden in the last day where you can tell he was given questions in advance. CNN specifically.


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