What Will the Left Do When a Billion-Jillion Americans Don’t Die of Coronavirus?

PJM: Have you been watching the TV news about the coronavirus not-quite-yet-a-pandemic? Normally, I only watch TV news when I’m drunkblogging a debate or an election, but I’m at CPAC this week, and the TV news is impossible to avoid here in the work-suite I’m sharing during the stay with my Townhall compadres. If you’ve had better luck at avoiding the TV news than I have in recent days, let me sum up their coronavirus coverage for you.


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  1. Problem is, the Left has co-opted a legitimate current concern and turned it into a rabidly weaponized—although completely asinine—anti-Trump talking point. QED, it’s difficult to discuss the facts (what we know of them) without immediately entering a politicized strafing zone.

  2. I don’t trust the left’s motives for anything. Even if there is no great loss of life, they are going to exploit this “crisis”
    When they wanted to provide more money than President Trump wanted, my first thought is that they want to use this money to bail out the failed blue states and blue cities that have already misused and squandered their budgets.

  3. “What Will the Left Do When a Billion-Jillion Americans Don’t Die of Coronavirus?”

    …lie about it and say they did anyway, and that they were mostly minorities, women, trans, and children. They all died because Republicans hated them and the Russians told Drumpf to do it.

    You know, like the 170 million dead victims of gun violence.

    Their lofos are too stupid and to hate-filled themselves to either check it or care.

    In the event one of them DOES Google the Democrat-run search Web site, the Democrat-run Politifact and the Democrat-run Snopes will back them up anyway.

    Let’s have a moment of silence for the 3 billion American trans black Hispanic girls that died from Republican-engineered but Russian ordered viruses, then…/s


  4. 45 cases out of 330,000,000 people?
    A “CRISIS?”

    Better safe than sorry, but – seriously?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The left will do the same thing they always do.
    They’ll just get quiet, like they quickly did when it was discovered the Miller Coors shooter was black, and wait for the next crisis,(real or not) to try to sow panic.

  6. Never concede “good intention” to the progressive movement. Any concern they project is not sincerity. The only concern they have regarding the suffering, misery and death of innocent human beings Is how best to exploit it for political gain

  7. By the election we will have gone through so many more emergencies and made up BS that no one will even remember this virus which will die a natural cause very likely in spring / summer if not before.

  8. The left has the Chicken Little franchise all to themselves, they’re masters of doom and gloom and the Sky is always falling and acting like the boy who cried wolf. No wonder that most people don’t believe all their bs anymore because they’ve been lied to so many times.

  9. Yep – they are deliberately trying to scare the general population. They have literally become the boy who cried wolf. If we ever have a legitimate crisis – no one will believe them anymore.

    “The stock market is crashing.” “The coronavirus is deadly and sweeping the globe,” (but funny how they’re still not for closing our borders so infected people can’t just waltz in).

    Also on the local news this morning. 6 people in my town have died from the flu this season.

  10. We had 350 million Americans and illegals but Biden said 150 million were shot so we only have 200 million to go before extinction.

  11. Gad.
    “If billions don’t die, then Trump would have scared us all for nothing!”
    That Bastard!
    If Mr. Trump cured cancer they would gripe that if he was so damn powerful, it is obviously Racism and Homophobia that kept him from curing Aids first.

  12. I’d like to respectfully suggest they commit mass suicide. If they do as grool suggests and engineer something else, I hope it kills them off quickly and efficiently. I’ve really had about enough of their shit.

  13. Chasten’s Bleached Elastic Starfish
    FEBRUARY 28, 2020 AT 4:10 AM
    “The only virus Petey B and I are gonna die from is the A.I.D.S. virus!”

    …AIDS doesn’t kill. It suppresses the immune system.

    The subsequest opportunistic infection is what kills.

    …you know when liberal mayors don’t allow the police to restrain Antifa and make sure Trump supporters are disarmed?

    It’s like that.

    The Mayor is AIDS. The police are the immune system. Antifa is one possible opportunistic infection, although you could get attacked by Muslims, homosexuals, or Bertards instead, or too. You’re wide open.

    …it’s like that…

  14. Stumbled onto Glenn Beck on the AM band last night.

    As he ranted on it was clear he was near orgasm and panting hard. Kook


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