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Video game developers form first Microsoft labor union

JTN: Employees with video game developer ZeniMax Studios have formed a labor union, becoming the first such organization for a Microsoft-owned company.

The unionization campaign predates Microsoft’s acquisition of the company and the Big Tech firm intends to permit the group’s formation, according to the Associated Press. Microsoft bought ZeniMax in 2021. The developer is known for major titles such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, which it produces through Bethesda Studios.

The union largely includes game testers and other quality assurance personnel.

The Communications Workers of America confirmed Tuesday that roughly 300 employees of the studio had voted to join. The CWA celebrated the successful creation of the ZeniMax union, acknowledging Microsoft’s commitment to allowing the process to progress. MORE

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  1. This is a great idea for them. The union does nothing but live off its members, and in return members get the warm feeling that they’re being taken care of when in reality they’re getting screwed and paying money for it. Companies hate unions as well.

  2. M$oft will just pass along the costs to the indoctrinated gamers and the rest of those who use Windows. I’ve used Linux Ubuntu for the past 15 years so M$soft users can just pay up….. Considering the amount of billion/millionaires at M$oft it will do them good to fork out a few pennies to the peons doing the work.

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