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Actors Sue Film Company 55 Years Later Over Underage Nude Scene

It just dawned on them now? Or are they broke?


The two stars of 1968′s “Romeo and Juliet” sued Paramount Pictures for more than $500 million on Tuesday over a nude scene in the film shot when they were teens.

Olivia Hussey, then 15 and now 71, and Leonard Whiting, then 16 now 72, filed the suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging sexual abuse, sexual harassment and fraud.

Director Franco Zeffirelli, who died in 2019, initially told the two that they would wear flesh-colored undergarments in the bedroom scene that comes late in the movie and was shot on the final days of filming, the suit alleges.

But on the morning of the shoot, Zeffirelli told Whiting, who played Romeo, and Hussey, who played Juliet, that they would wear only body makeup, while still assuring them the camera would be positioned in a way that would not show nudity, according to the suit.

Yet they were filmed in the nude without their knowledge, in violation of California and federal laws against indecency and the exploitation of children, the suit says.

Zeffirelli told them they must act in the nude “or the Picture would fail” and their careers would be hurt, the suit said. The actors “believed they had no choice but to act in the nude in body makeup as demanded.”


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  1. For “The Rest of the Story” check out Olivia’z entry at celebritymoviearchiveDOTcom. It appears that Ms. Hussy needs to remember to not forget her clothing in MOAR than one movie.

  2. God, I remember watching this back in high school. We did Shakespeare all through 11th grade, and watched a few film adaptations, and this was one of them. Actually one of the better films, if I recall correctly.

  3. They’re broke.

    On a related note, I recall their being a class trip with teachers in attendance to see the film when I was in school. I’m not certain if I was in my last year of middle school or my first year of high school. Regardless, did the teacher/student perve training start about then? Maybe… (At least it was heterosexual if so.)

  4. When I was in 6th grade the ‘gifted kids’ from the various elementary schools went to a few movies, including Moby Dick and this one. We were also going to see Great Expectations, but something wasn’t working so instead we saw Lies My Father Told Me. In one scene the neighborhood kids gather around an open window, watching a man suck a woman’s tits. And not his wife’s!
    Given that we didn’t really have any other exposure to sex I don’t think it was malicious intent on the part of the teachers/administration, but probably shouldn’t have been shown without our parents in attendance.

  5. I think the point is being missed here. If the commie “cancel” crowd can go back in time and erase people based on ignorant statements made on social media, etc., these two actors should be able to go back to a hugely successful film they did and fry those who pretend to have concern “for the children”. I wouldn’t care if Shirley Temple, were she alive today, came forward to expose the cesspool of Hollywood — that place in the sun where today’s celebrities are filthy mouthpieces for cultural Marxism. More power to Hussey and Whiting.

  6. …the more that celebrities of the American film industry are exposed for their hypocrisy, the better. It’s time for this country’s youthful fans to know the values of those they worship.

  7. “More power to Hussey and Whiting”

    I agree that these two have a cause of action. When the script says you will be wearing a flesh-colored body suit and then at the last minute the director, an adult, and the on-site authority figure not only makes the change but pressures/shames you into reluctant acquiescence, they were wronged.

    Maybe they are doing it for their own mental health but finding a deep pocket will be problematic.

  8. This is purely about money. Paramount made a lot on the film. And these actors didn’t have comparable careers. It’s opportunistic.

    THe lawsuit either will be dismissed based on “laches” or they will get a nuisance settlement.

  9. Mystaclean: that reminds me of when I was in the 9th grade we read the Broadway script of West Side Story in school. It had the original lyrics to the song “Officer Krupke.” All could find online were the lyrics from the movie, but on Broadway Krupke was told to, well, engage in intercourse.

    Quite a big surprise to a bunch of 14-15 year olds in the spring of 1971.

  10. ORLY?

    Olivia Hussey went to Los Angeles? And bribed filed a “case”?

    Leonard Whiting said (to himself), “Frilliant!”. Downloaded a copy. Went went to Los Angeles? And bribed filed a “case”?

    Know who your enemies are. Ignore who they point at, and screech.

  11. 15 & 16!

    Give them the money.

    Age of consent USA:
    16 – 34 States
    17 – 6 States
    18 – 11 States

    Canuckistan – 18 years
    Ontario – 19 years
    USA – 21 years (most)

    Cutting Off your Tits or Schmuck:
    Who the F Knows anymore?

    AND FUCK POLANSKI, Hero of the Actors & Carpet Whores

  12. Its Called CHILD PORN NOW, & punishable.

    They are very clear about young teens taking & sending selfies & WARN them in school. The articles have been posted here on IOTW.
    Yet, they are also actively sexualizing children at the same time.


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