VIDEO: Merkel ‘Assassination Attempt’ After Protests During Czech Visit

Breitbart: A man has allegedly attempted to “assassinate” German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a trip to the Czech Republic, which was marked by a series of anti-mass migration and anti-EU protests.

The man attempted to drive into a convoy the Chancellor was traveling in and “run down police”, but was she not put in serious danger local media reports.

Mr. Merkel was travelling between Prague airport and the Czech government headquarters when the black Mercedes approached the vehicles accompanying the chancellor.  MORE

10 Comments on VIDEO: Merkel ‘Assassination Attempt’ After Protests During Czech Visit

  1. Hillary would love a false flag just like that; Since she’s no longer campaigning, she could stage it as the motorcade moves from one fundraiser to the next. Podesta can find some whack job deep in debt to the mob, and get him to rear-end the last car by paying his debts. You can bet your ass he won’t be a Lone Wolf in the “Alt Right Attacks” narrative.

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