Every Day Is National Dog Day

Today is the officially recognized National Dog Day.

Consider this an open thread for any and all dog stories.

The featured image with the blue background is Chili.

Below is Princess, from my pet portrait gallery. You can see all the portraits HERE.

(I’m currently painting a pet goat!)



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  1. Over the Years
    Pepper – Cocker
    Snuffy – Cocker
    Hershey – Black Lab
    Panda – Great Pyrenees
    Bugle Ann – Beagle
    Gracie – Husky Mix
    Chloe – Beagle Mix
    Sadly, currently I’m dogless. And I miss them all.

  2. Wonderful dogs, selfless, always serving with loyalty and endless love; Guardian Angels, the closest thing to heaven on earth.

  3. Lady (first family dog, collie pup from the pound)
    Snoopy (family pet via my sisters, adopted from the pound)
    Suki (my first pet, black mix from the pound)
    Sarah (current girl, mature black coated adoption from Greece)

  4. Mr. Mxyzptlk, we also had beagle named Bugle Ann when I was small kid way back in the early 60’s. Unfortunately being a beagle she had to roam and got hit by a car following my dad to work. The other beagle was beagle mix named Jones who was the best bird dog we ever had, he loved hunting but boy if he got on the trail of a cat or a rabbit he was long gone. My kids and I have had a male collie named Buddy, a mutt named Snickers who hated cats, two golden retrievers both female named Sam who was unfortunately poisoned and her replacement Indie and a male yellow tabby cat named Finn (Indie’s best buddy) who we got after Snickers died of old age.

  5. So many over the years.
    Tar,black lab
    Candy, golden retriever
    Spark, lab/rotty
    Crowbar, pit bull/beagle
    Barli, German shepherd
    Emmy, pom
    Carly, German shepherd
    Teddy, pom
    Emma, pom

    Emma’s daughter Squirt is still with us, almost 12
    And my new pup, Sister, is 3/4 rotty and 1/4 lab

  6. Live in an apartment on a very busy street not conducive to doggie safety.

    Miss having dogs in my life and being a part of the ‘pack’. No one shows the kind of exuberance for your very existence, that a dog does.

  7. My late wife caught Snickers with a large furry white cat in his mouth shaking the hell out of that poor cat. She yelled SNICKERS and he let go of the cat and all we saw was a white streak jumping over the fence. One of the tall tales my son Thomas tells me is about the time he caught a field mouse in the back yard and he put it in a jar to keep it for later and when he came back later somehow, supposedly Snickers had opened the jar (uh huh) and caught the mouse and had killed it and left a slimy dead mouse on the back porch.

  8. Islamists hate dogs because they are inferior to them in every way. They’re loyal, happy, helpful, caring, nurturing and kind.

    A dog only breaks our hearts when they pass away.

  9. How Nice! Have you hugged your dogs today? I have (My dogs, not yours).
    God was being very kind, generous, and thoughtful when he gave us dogs.

  10. I got Buddy about 10 years ago, and Sassy … must have been 3 years ago her owners moved away and didn’t take her with them [bastards]. I got her from the guy who lived across the street from these low-lifes. She is a very friendly dog, unlike Buddy who tests the hearts of those who think they can approach him. And he hates hippies. Never had him close to a moslem, but I could predict the results. He hates evil.
    It would be a very lonely world without them.

  11. My current dog’s only sin is his assumption that the exterminator, the AC guy, the letter carrier, the UPS guy/gal are visiting to see him.

    He’d be just as excited if a burglar crawled through the window.

    Petey is an Australian shepherd that we got as an 8 week old from a dairy farm in the Shenandoah valley and he reeked of cow poop until his first bath. He has a circle around his eye so you Our Gang fans will understand the name.

    He’s my shadow and loves his cats too. The love is mutual. Ernest T and Beans are his good buddies.
    Geez. I sound like my mother.

  12. Oh. I forgot to add. If I ask Petey “where’s Obama?” He barks angrily and tears around the house.

    Good dog.

  13. Penny Lane Valentine – Terrier/Chihuahua/Poodle mix.
    Will turn two in November.
    Champion Fetcher, Shredder of lesser dog toys, Devout Watch Dog, Consumer of all tasty treats, Lap Snuggler Extraordinaire and Stealer of Hearts wherever she goes. Bestest Buddy!

  14. I don’t know what I’d do without dogs in my life.

    Currently we have Rocky (Yorkie), MacDuff and Lily Blanca (Westies).

    Across the Rainbow Bridge are:
    Caledonia (Callie – Westie), Molly (mini Schnauzer), Rags (mini Schnauzer), Jamie (mini Schnauzer), Maggie (poodle-mix mutt), Gypsy (mutt), Lady (lab mix), April (Schnauzer mix), Daisy (mutt), Fido (Rat Terrier). I think that’s all of them. Loved them all.

  15. My current pup is a rescue pitbull that is a good natured rascal that keeps me constantly laughing with her antics. Can’t ask for more than that.

  16. My favorite funny story involving dogs comes from my Dad. It’s a tall tale that really is true because my Uncle verified it. It’s definitely a believe it or not story. When they were kids and living on a farm in N. Idaho back in the late 1930’s they had a German shepherd named Punk, any way punk got sick and back then they couldn’t afford a vet so my Grandmother decided to put Punk out of his misery by shooting him with a shotgun. But she flinched when she shot him and thought he was dead and left him outside supposedly dead, well anyway according to my Dad and my Uncle punk came dragging into the house a little while later still alive. They were extatic that the dog had survived my Grandmother’s execution, what had happened when my Grandmother flinched and shot the dog she had actually blown the dogs nuts off which were full of of puss which made him sick. Thus by accidentally blowing the poor dogs nuts off she actually ended up saving him. And the dog lived for another few years after that. Whenever my Dad tells this story he’s always met with a lot of incredulous guffaws and yeah sure that really happened responses. But it’s supposedly true and make for a great story. Punk’s namesake when I was a kid back in the 60’s was a basset hound who somehow got out of the front window upstairs and onto the roof of our house and started howling like basset hounds do. A neighborhood saw and heard Punk howling and came to our front door and told my Mom that there was a basset hound on our roof making a loud ruckus. One of my brothers and my cousin had to go out on the roof and bring it back into the house safely. And yes both stories are actually true.

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