Video – Thugs in San Francisco Loot Cosmetics Store After “No Arrest” Policy

MICHAEL BERRY: Democrats in San Francisco have made theft under $950 a misdemeanor & cops won’t even arrest you for the crime.

Not surprisingly, this has had very predictable results.

It turns out if you tell people they won’t get arrested for stealing, it’s like a free pass to go shopping. video here

h/t Snowball the Sourpuss.

22 Comments on Video – Thugs in San Francisco Loot Cosmetics Store After “No Arrest” Policy

  1. Stores should be required to put a criminal welcome signs. The city by the bay is turning into a king size crap burger.

  2. As an older white native born citizen, I wonder if I could do this at the $ store and get away with it. I’m tired of paying their high prices.

  3. $950 limit is a very strict law coming from a sanctuary state that sponsors illegals to kill, rape, and plunder taxpayers without a pesky dollar limit and without consequence.

  4. Fkn ——- privilege!

    How about instead of arrest the penalty is 15 min with a PR-24 batton. No paperwork or court time.

  5. Sounds like a great way to instill chaos in a society.

    Also sounds like a reason to pay ‘Big LeRoy’ under the table to teach the thugs a few manners.

  6. So when they inevitably put locked glass cabinets on all the aisles then the store will be accused of racism or whatever -ism fits the bill to force them to tolerate and be exposed to this insanity. Let’s see how many stores are open in another few years.

  7. Is that $950 limit before or after sales tax? Just asking for a friend.

  8. I’m doubtful $951.00 would land them in jail either.
    MJA is right – All consumers who actually PURCHASE goods pay more because of these zoo animals.

  9. I actually think a state wide law covered this long ago. The idiots in San Fran weren’t informed. For several years now there’s been a state wide thresh hold of just under $1,000.00 is a misdemeanor. If you still a hand gun, in California, under $1,000.00 you get a ticket.

  10. That’s not the worst of it, they’ll take the merchandise to another store and try and get cash for it.
    Retail can be fun for all ages.

  11. I’m wondering who involved in this process is smart enough to add multiple items up to $950.00. Shouldn’t the PoPo be out there with calculators in hand before they let them out of the store? You would need a separate check out line. “Sorry lady, you’re .75 cent over and you’re going to jail. “

  12. Is that $950 off the shelf price or actual loss the retailer incurs? Does the cost go up when 5 employees in the store are paid $15/hr and spend their time dealing with a thief?

  13. Just so you know, they do that at Ontario Liquor stores which are government owned.
    They Literally fill hockey bags with 26ers.
    The PoPo says they are too busy and cannot get there in time even though it is as predicable as the same people coming back for seconds latter in the day esp. on weekends.

    The LCBO staff are told by their union to not interfere and the management does not hire security regularly.

    The thieves then sell the booze after hours at a premium or at discount in regular hours.

    read Toronto Star 2019

  14. @MJA MARCH 5, 2020 AT 1:58 PM
    “Because of cunts like these, (and lib politicians) prices go up.”

    That’s not a flaw, it’s a feature. They used to call it income redistribution.

  15. Kcir @ 5:30,
    Son worked for LCBO in Ottawa for years. Thank God he had an understanding manager, because he put hands on a thief, dragged him to a back room, and made him wait until the police arrived. (he’s big and strong, and at that moment very angry)
    Manager warned my son this was against union policy, he could be fired for cause and to never, ever touch a criminal like this again.
    Yeah – and our tax dollars fund the LCBO. Gag me! I hate criminals, and I don’t use the word hate often or lightly.

  16. Graceia @, Unions should be insisting the criminals be charged so they do not return as often. That would make the “MEMBERS” safer.

    Ps, If you happen to see Turdo, tell him to “Get Bent” for me will ya!


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