Val-Jar: International Gal of Mockery

Patriot Retort- I meant to do this ‘Shop image of Val-Jar the other day when I first saw this tweet:
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  1. @Roseanne Barr – ‘ten foot pole’ is a reference to not wanting to be the one to push an old corpse into a hole(for full decompostion) in mausoleum in New Orleans, with a ten foot long pole.

  2. Well, she certainly is a woman of mystery…to the useful idiots – just the way the Obamas and their complicit media bodyguards want her to be.

    Ask any lo-fo who Valerie Jarrett is and you’ll get the classic Jay Leno, Jesse Watters “man on the street” response.

  3. Jarrett is one of the foul pieces of shit EVER to be in a high office. And being she was next to obama and clinton for 8 years, that’s saying something.

    If you think obama was a traitor, this is the POS who guided him.


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