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Bill Clinton- Blowies with Monica was to “Manage My Stress”

So Monica was a human stress ball, eh?

A simple extrapolation tells me Hillary doesn’t do that sort of thing, or she does, but it’s stressful for the receiver.


‘I did it to manage my anxieties.’ Bill Clinton reveals in Hillary Hulu doc that he had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky to ease pressures of the job, feels ‘terrible’ scandal defined her life and confessing to Chelsea was the worst

  • Bill Clinton said he had the affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was in office because it helped to ‘manage my anxieties’ 
  • The former President makes the claims in an interview featured in a new documentary series -‘Hillary’ – to air on Hulu Friday
  • He said that when he met Lewinsky, the pressure of the job was too much and he thought, ‘Here’s something that will take your mind off it for a while’
  • The former First Lady candidly reveals that in the aftermath of the scandal the couple underwent ‘painful’ marriage counseling
  • Clinton apologizes to Lewinsky, saying he feels ‘terrible’ that the affair defined her life  
  • The series features extraordinary access to the Clintons’ inner circle and Hillary’s life from her student days to losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump
  • She’s explained that she agreed to the documentary ‘because I’m not running for anything’
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27 Comments on Bill Clinton- Blowies with Monica was to “Manage My Stress”

  1. Hillary? She goes to “Pizza Parties.” And anyone paying the slightest bit of attention during the bast 8 years knows EXACTLY what that means.

  2. “Chelsea was the worst”? She was young, give her some time. Those Web Hubbell lips hold alot of promise.

  3. He thought, ‘here’s something that will take your mind off it for a while’. I’ve never heard oral sex defined that way before. Psychiatrists and pharmacists, listen up.

  4. Why cum clean now?

    Gearing up some type of Hillary Rotten Clinton run??

    What an absolute sickening SLOB.

    One more question. Were the hundreds of others ‘stress relievers” as well??

  5. There was also the stress of being an Arkansas governor, a private citizen, and a friend of Jeffrey Epstein. That man has had stressful situation after stressful situation.

  6. he’s still a degenerate.
    And this is just political propaganda, massaging perceptions.
    There will probably be more- they have a lot of turds to polish.

    keep your tawdry tales to yourself billy and put some ice on it

  7. “The thing that stressed me out the most was the thought that someone might leak to the press that I was getting head from my spunky intern. So to relieve that stress, my spunky intern gave me head, which stressed me out more, which means I needed more head. It was a vicious cycle. I was really the victim in the whole thing.” – “Slick Willy” Clinton

  8. You know what would certainly relieve the stress of half of America?

    Seeing self-serving career politicians, let’s call them scumbags, get long prison sentences, their crimes against humanity revealed clearly so that all know who they truly are: scumbags.

    Bubba, THE RAPIST is certainly one of them.

  9. this corrupt, self centered POS is a millionaire,
    and Monica is STILL the butt of jokes …………..

  10. In four more years the candidates will be proposing that Medicare for all will cover BJ’s for stress relief.

  11. You’d think that telling his wife would be the hardest thing. The fact that it was harder to tell Webb’s spawn shows what kind of marriage they had.

  12. “Clinton apologizes to Lewinsky, saying he feels ‘terrible’ that the affair defined her life.”

    For all his flaws, I can believe this.

  13. @Gin

    I like your interpretation of Horndog’s statement regarding Chelsea.

    I was the fly on the wall back in 1998 when he had that convo with Chelsea.

    Bill: Ya see Chelsea, I’ve got a pretty big dickie and every time I see any girl of the female sex, any shape, any size, any age, the silly thing gets real big and stiff and sticks up. I can’t help myself, it’s the way I am. You understand I can’t walk around the White House with that huge bulge in my pants, right? It’s embarrassing. You get that, right?

    Your Ma was always out of town and couldn’t relieve my pain and suffering. Well, this girl that worked for me, Monica, promised to ease my pain and suffering by playing with it, kissing it, and even putting the whole darned thing in her mouth. It worked, it was a darned miracle. If it hadn’t been for her, I would have gone real crazy and ended up in the mental hospital. You understand that right? Miss Monica really helped me stay out of the nut house. I’d be there now if it wasn’t for her. You didn’t want to see your Daddy in the loony bin, did you? I didn’t think so….now run along and go back to playing with your dolls.

    Hmmmm…wonder If I should get one of them blow-up dolls with the big red lips….yeah, I think I will. I’ll name her Monica.

  14. DAnyone who would believe any krap this couple say in an interview are gullible beyond all hope. Hillary was “devastated “ when she learned of the affair? Pull ease. She knew of Bills proclivities for decades. Remember “You can’t fuck her from here, Bill”.? This is all ginned up at this time for a reason. There is an election in 8 months.

  15. –“Clinton apologizes to Lewinsky, saying he feels ‘terrible’ that the affair defined her life.”
    For all his flaws, I can believe this.—

    Yeah, Bubba felt so terrible that he had to fly to Epstein’s Pedo Island on a regular basis in order to relieve all that stress.

  16. This has been out for months why is this part of “Hillary” just coming to light now.
    She is running.


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