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  1. Stay away. Was there in June – it’s a disease-infested dump. Crazy people all over the streets – in every area of the city. Cops do nothing -that’s their orders, according to them. If you must go, stay away from downtown and hollywood especially – 3 tourists murdered so far by street maniacs.

  2. Dear Russia,

    We were wondering if you guys would really be pals and do us Yanks a big favor. Work with us here.

    The idea is that we come up with some excuse to launch a limited nuclear strike on some of our less picturesque cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Detroit. We could probably stage some kind of phony Seal team raid on Vladivostok or something to help you out with the cover story.

    After that, we can just pave them over and forget they ever existed. They’re a disgrace to the human race, and it would be best if they were just erased from history altogether. We would really be grateful and so would the rest of the world. Let us know what you think.


    Every Honest, Hard Working American

    P.S. Don’t let our news media learn about this. They’d just call it collusion and never shut up about it.

    P.P.S Of course we’ll reimburse you for the nukes.

  3. A cauldron of vomit.
    This is exactly what you get when you tolerate it. The left are so politically correct they’re paralyzed with indecision and find that it’s easier to ignore the existence of the waste all around them.

  4. Was just there with my family last week. I concur with Hollywood, during the day it was a zoo. My wife wanted to take our kids to the Chinese theater and walk to see the stars, but there were so many homeless and deranged people, we skipped it. As we sat in traffic, we watched a homeless guy go up and grab half eaten food out of a garbage can and just started eating away.

    We were in Culver City for one night, got yelled at by a homeless bum as we waited to cross a street to the diner over there, cause we would not give him money. Went down to Santa Monica Pier and there was a ton of homeless down there badgering the tourists, police did nothing, though I suppose they were ordered to leave them alone.

  5. Los Angeles, avoid it like the plague!
    The thought of eating at any restaurant there gives me the willies just thinking of what’s in the kitchen… at 3AM!

  6. I am from upstate NY. I am old. I can remember during the 80’s (teen years);California was the beacon of everything, education, industry, culture. Seems the last good years were under Pete Wilson, last real Republican Gov. This information should be used by the GOP to contrast the reality of political parties.
    Again, our President, is spot on about shit holes, because the link is direct with the influx of shitty people from shithole countries as they breed this. However, Democrats alone are the seeds that spawned this. They need the votes of a useless underclass.
    Any “hope” to reverse this path lays with one man -Trump. The GOP has become a dim light on the road to America’s redemption. I wish there was an alternative to not using Republican or GoP for my party affiliation.

  7. Pearl Clutcher – Old is relative – I was a teenager in the 60s and I remember drinking fountains for Whites only in Cleveland! The point is I have seen the real progress we’ve made along the lines of Civil Rights through the 60s, the seventies, the eighties, the 90s, the Aughts (the beginning of the 21st century)… and then stop with the election of the first Black President.
    Uh Oh. Problems have been solved. Now what do we do???
    Since then it has all been about victimhood and one crisis after another. Everybody’s a “victim”, everybody’s go the their “rights” to do whatever they want and “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
    Haven’t got one?
    Well make one of course!!
    And that’s how we got democRAT dominated Shitholes!

  8. “Vedi los angeles e muore.”…….. then you puke.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  9. I don’t really care … if that’s the way they want to live … have at it.

    I do, however, chafe at the idea of having to finance them.
    THIS is why Federalism is SOOOOOOO important – they can live as they like – just let them (also) live with the consequences.
    This kind of nonsense accentuates the perniciousness of the Federal Gov’t acting as “sugar daddy” for the States instead of the States acting within their own Sovereignty (so much for the 10th Amendment and the effects of the “War Between the States” or “the Civil War” as some call it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I’ve previously suggested extensive drilling along the San Andreas Fault, in order to plant tactical nukes and fill the void with WD-40. We create a brand new coastline, and a new booming economy. Just trying to help.

  11. It may look like it’s only California’s problem right now, but once the plague and other diseases start spreading to Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona…

  12. ^^^^^^^^^^

    I would add that the only reason Shitcago hasn’t cycled into the same thing is our wonderful below zero winters.

    But then we do have the ongoing open range for pistol practice.

  13. A great example of how the radical left has taken over our GOP the last 30 years! In the last elections 3 of the “conservatives” the GOP ran for statewide office (all 3 lost Big TIme) endorsed Dems – 2 of them, including 1 who was a “Presidential” candidate in ’16, endorsed the Mayor responsible for this sh*t!

    Conservatives were not fooled by the progressive GOP elite; and I think every one else knew these “Conservatives” were in fact far left progressives when the ran. Which is why they all lost!~ Conservatives can regain control of the Cal GOP only if they are willing to shed some socialist/progressive “countryclub” blood! The progressive GOP will not relinquish control without a bloody fight!

    Had the GOP remained conservative this sh*t would never have happened!

    As Ronny said thousands of times “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!”!

  14. Dr. Drew Pinsky has been sounding off on the plague thing for some time and perhaps this summer might validate his warnings. Just a few from old to most recent to not include the one he did with Scott Adams on Periscope…

    As this thread cycles into lower pages I would suggest it could be a thread of its own. The health issues there and elsewhere as presented by the “homeless & immigrants”… As my daughter would tell you, it’s all around us already.

  15. Went there for the first time in ’89 with the mrs on a road trip. I think we spent TWO hours there and left especially after seeing the homeless in Hollywood.

    Coming ‘from’ NYC, I said to myself, ‘this place has NOTHING over the South Bronx’.

    It was a shithole then I cannot even imagine now?

    Too bad, it like NY, is a beautiful state @Pearl Clutcher, just being RUN into the ground. If you are in the West Lake George area tell BFH where, perhaps we could have our own little IOTW Gathering?


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