Waffle House refuses to serve uniformed soldier with gun

WashingtonTimes: A soldier with the National Guard was told to leave his gun outside or take his business elsewhere Sunday morning at a Kentucky Waffle House.

billy welch soldier

Billy Welch said he was in his Army National Guard uniform and had his gun holstered to his side when he walked into the Waffle House in Nicholasville for breakfast. After ordering his food, Mr. Welch said a waitress signaled for him to come speak with her, a local NBC affiliate reported.

“I got up and I walked over to them, asked them how they were doing and stuff, and they said I’d have to take my firearm outside,” he told the station. “I don’t feel comfortable taking my firearm away from me. I always keep it with me and they said, ‘it’s one of our policies.’”

Mr. Welch said he didn’t make a fuss of it at the time.

“You know, if I can’t have my firearm, then I can’t be here,” he recalled. “I walked inside to the other waitress. I said, ‘thank you, but no thank you, ma’am. I’m gonna have to leave.’”  more here


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  1. Every one should avoid this Waffle House, now, because it’s policy will be a great draw for criminals. Besides dis honoring one of America’s defenders. Pigs.

  2. IMHO, anyone who eats at a Waffle House doesn’t know good food from crap, so why would they expect the hired help to have other than crap in their heads? Maybe I’ll make a point to drop in at one and voice my opinion…

  3. The assholes don’t know where their pancakes are buttered. An American soldier willing to lay his life on the line to protect their right to life, liberty and yes their freedom to sell hotcakes! and they overtly and openly insult him! What unmitigated fools!l

  4. Their house, their rules.

    What if they don’t want to serve negroes?
    or spicspanics? or moslems? or faggots?

    Think they’d tell a raghead to leave his Koran outside?

  5. About a year ago I stopped by a gun store in Fresno to show off some of our stuff. I walk up the door and there’s a big sign, “No loaded weapons”. So I poke my head in the door and tell the guy I’m a ccw. He says, “can’t you read”. I say I can. So I walk back to my truck and throw the guns in the back seat, start jumping in the truck and he’s followed me out. He says “The city makes us put up those signs” I tell him bull shit I’ve been to several gun stores here and your the only one that’s trying to run a gun free gun store. Now I realize he thinks I’m a customer, so I tell him I don’t shop where my guns not welcome. Jumped in the truck and split.

  6. Waffle House is obviously run by a bunch of, well, twatwaffles.

    Read the Constitution, you idiots. It says Americans have the right to bear arms. It does NOT say that they have the right to bear arms except when some libtard dickhead arbitrarily tells them they don’t.

  7. “Awful House”- Yes,sir… that’s what we call ’em in Savannah, too. This is just another reason to vector people away from them. When I used to eat breakfast there, you could bet the other working class folks didn’t give a tinker’s damn that I was armed. We have other crap to worry about, like loosing your job to an H2-B visa holder.

  8. I looked up all their locations in my area just so I’d know where to avoid them. Oddly enough there aren’t any on my side of town. They’re all on the other side, but I do travel, so not only will I avoid them in the future, I’ll be a walking, talking advertisement against them!

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