Waiting For The Spark

TheZMan: I was at lunch last week when I overheard a couple of young women talking about the coming revolution. I thought it was a joke, at first, so I eavesdropped for a little while and sure enough, they were talking about revolution. The bossy looking one was going on about something Trump did, I missed that part, and how it was going to be the thing that “woke people up about what’s happening.” My guess is the part I missed had something to do with Russians or maybe the Manafort Trial. The Left is obsessed with that now.

Since the election, the Left has been dreaming up scenarios in which the results of the election are overturned. For a long time they were sure Trump would be impeached, but that seems to have faded. Last year my left-wing office manager was deep into the impeachment scenarios. Now the talk is of revolution, which probably fits better with their conception of themselves as the heroic resistance. They imagine Trump as a strong man, against whom they must resist until the system cracks, and then the revolution begins.

Most of us think of revolution in the sense of people flooding into the streets to protest the government. Either the government makes an error, causing the mob to turn violent or radicals use unrest to foment a full-on revolt. The two models in the Western mind are the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. Given the make up of the anti-Trump forces, it’s hard to imagine either scenario. The “resistance” is mostly girls and non-whites prone to committing violence against one another. It’s hard to see them leading a revolt. read more

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  1. The Bolshevik “Revolution” is a misnomer. It was a counter-revolutionary coup overthrowing the closest thing Russia had ever had to a true representative government, installed after the real revolution (not the Bolsheviks) that overthrow the Tsar months earlier. Its net effect was to re-install the autocracy under different management.

    Maybe the parallel with what our clowns have in mind is closer than we think.

  2. Whatever the Left tries to “provoke,”
    and *always* remember:
    they’re doing it to reduce GOP voters in November, so: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

  3. Leftists are revolting? Everybody knows that.

    A real revolution? It’ll have to be done by the women, who are more macho than their girly men.

  4. Like Czar said.
    Waiting for November 6. And then for the ‘moral victory’ statements which mean nothing in the face of Congressional votes. Revolution? With what??? 🙂

  5. The left are waaaaay to emotional for this not to turn violent.
    They are also under the impression that the majority rules in this country. We need a couple more Supreme Court Justices stat.

  6. Will Starbucks serve as their mustering points and command centers, or just as safe spaces to retreat into when they start getting their arses handed to them?

  7. The worst thing you can say to a woman is:
    “I hate it when you open yer mouth and yer Mother comes out!”

    Yer either about to have a week of silence or Holy Hanna, bar the doors!”

  8. I don’t want to see a Spain 1937 redux, but if it happens, ours will be much shorter. Our military are patriots, and they will understand the difference between a well regulated militia and a gang of street thugs.

    That being said, I sat next to two 60+ year old couples having breakfast. They just regurgitated CNN and MSNBC narratives for 5 minutes. So sad. It wasn’t the right environment to red-pill these idiots. They will vote in NY in November.

    MAGA! Vote in November.


  9. No leftist revolution on the horizon; Americans have it too good. Even our poor have access to plenty of food, adequate shelter, clothing, basic health care, televisions, cars, computers, smart phones, readily available entertainment, etc. I think the proletariat instinctively understands that even if leftist redistribution arguments are appealing, an actual revolution would mean these things probably go away.

  10. “The Revolution will not be televised………”

    Awesome piece of 70s poetry, set to music. Dated some, but still awesome. Need to find and listen to it.

  11. Deplorable B Woodman,
    Gil Scott-Heron put the revolution “not televised” to music; https://youtu.be/QnJFhuOWgXg .

    I still have an original album, “Pieces of a Man” from the days when I was a commie, long ago. Just nostalgia now.

  12. The Revolution’s over.
    The surviving socialists are simply tearing the American carcass to pieces fighting over the scraps.
    Upon the passages of the 16th and 17th Amendments, America ceased to exist. Or maybe it was at Lee’s surrender in 1865. Or maybe at Fort Sumter.

    At any rate, by the time the lying pustule Wilson got elected and embroiled us in “The War to End All Wars” we were given over to socialist tyranny.

    Any “revolution” now would be superfluous. Look around: Demonrats are Bolsheviks, Republicans are Mensheviks, Shit-loads like Obola are Mao-ists, and those calling themselves “socialists” are more akin to the “National” variety of socialism. Sanders, McCaskill, Ryan, et.al., are more like the corporatist national socialists than the proletarian socialists of yesteryear.

    No one espouses Freedom, Liberty, (Fraternity) and Equality. No one suggests that the socialists simply leave the humans alone and pursue their dystopic fantasies by themselves. No one says to the collectivists: “Go your own way, do as you like: just leave the rest of us out of your calculus.”

    It occurs to few that the nihilistic/socialistic/totalitarians are willing to kill to impose their sick agenda while we (no mouse in my pocket) are only willing to kill in self-defense. Wonder why that is?

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. With community organizers like Obama as generals, running the rev?
    I don’t think we who are armed to the teeth and ready to rumble are too worried about those pussy-hat wearing losers.


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