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Republican D.C. Swamper Charged With Insider Trading

Representative for New York’s 27th District, Chris Collins was arraigned yesterday by the Southern District of New York for insider trading. Collin’s son and father of his son’s fiancée, Steven Zarsky were also charged with gaining financially by selling stock on information before it was released to the public.

Prosecutors allege that Collins, who sat on the board of an Australian pharmaceutical, shared details of a failed drug test with his co-conspirators who then sold millions of share from their collective holdings of Innate Immunotherapeutics, saving them all from an estimated $780,000 loss. More

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  1. And yet Nancy Polosi, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary, and all the others who have been enriching themselves at the trough, are still running free.

  2. I guess they didn’t want to be too obvious by then shorting the stock by millions of shares. Stupid republican politician crook. A fuu throated demorat politician crook would have done so.

  3. They showed the timeline and it looks guilty as shit.
    Dude is claiming innocence.
    “I did not have sexual relations…”
    Oops, wrong quote.
    If only he were a Clinton.
    This type of crime to a Clinton is called “Thursday.”

  4. Of course the MSM can’t get enough of this.
    They lead with “REPUBLICAN…”

    Meanwhile, in Dallas, Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway admitted today to accepting bribes along with tax evasion.
    Nothing but crickets and they definitely don’t say DEMOCRAT!

  5. I am almost certain that congress has exempted themselves from insider trading prosecution. That may only have to do with info they hear in chambers in the normal order of business. Possibly separate from what they learn from board inclusion.

  6. I think his problem is that he sits on the board of the company involved. If he was just a congress critter and he was about to help pass a law that would materially affect the stock price of a company, he can act on that info. He just can’t sit in the board of the company involved.


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