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Walker’s new strategy: Attack Hillary Clinton

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s stump speech has been described as one he can deliver in his sleep. But as Walker’s poll number’s begin toslip, the governor’s message has a different focus to wake up GOP primary voters: attacking Hillary Clinton.

Walker launched his campaign in Waukesha, Wis., with the message of “a fighter who wins.” During one four-minute appearance onstage at the Voters First Forum in New Hampshire last week, he twice mentioned winning “three elections in four years.” He has frequently discussed his battle with public-sector union workers and talked about his service as governor.

But when he appeared at the first nationally televised presidential debate on Fox News on Thursday, he mentioned his three electoral victories just once in the multiple-hour debate. Instead, he focused on Clinton when he could and interrupted to add quips such as, “everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton touched is more messed up today than before.”


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  1. Trouble is Ole Hill is already toasted on one side. Better to attack the bitter evils of open borders, amnesty, budget deficits, Muslim treachery, traitorous King Putt and his evil minions, Irangate, dirty fifth column media pukes, government bureaucrats, baby parts for money, ruinous tax rates, IRS dirty deeds, non-education education and greedy rich plutocrats!

  2. Don’t attack the personalities. They’re as changeable as socks.

    Instead, attack the current policies (etc) that have led us to this point in our country. Compare them to similar situations you have run into as Governator, and what you did to correct those same situation.

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