Walmart mandates masks for all workers in some areas

Walmart Inc. said it is also implementing a new process for verification of vaccine status for U.S. workers. It says it will share those details in the future.

NEW YORK (AP) β€” Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer and private employer, is reversing its mask policy and will require all its workers including vaccinated ones in areas with high infection rates to wear masks.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based company says it is also encouraging customers to wear masks in those stores in areas with high infection rates and will be adding back signs at the entrances, according to a memo supplied by Walmart that was sent to its employees on Friday. It will also bring back so-called health ambassadors who will be positioned at the entrances and hand out masks.

The company is also doubling the incentive for workers in stores, clubs, transportation, distribution center and fulfillment centers to get the vaccine for $150. Those who already received the $75 incentive will receive another $75 in their paycheck dated Aug 19. more here

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  1. No one learned a damn thing the last time masks were required. Case counts continued to rise, masks had zero effect. They cover this up by inflating R0 when graphing future trends of non masks. Versus DEflating R0 future trends for masks. So all the idiots point to a rigged graph and say, “see! masks kept cases lower!” Completely false horseshit.

    I’m sick of being lied to and it’s only getting worse. Prepare.

  2. I will say that our local Walmart did the best job the first time around. They offered masks and that was that. No pressure and no pushback if you thanked them and proceeded on to do your shopping.

    Some other outfits took this episode as a personal mission and I notice their parking lots still have plenty of empty spaces. There are a few I will never step foot in again.

  3. Last night was first time in WallyWorld in 18 months. Judging by some of the customers, Covid is probably way down on the list of diseases you could catch in there.

  4. Passing out masks to unvaccinated customers at the door. Our HEB in TX was doing that a few months ago and the only people that took them were the people walking in with masks on. I guess they wanted extras. I always just say no thank you with a big smile on my face and don’t pause a beat to hear any response.

  5. Here we go, the bureaucrat blames it all on the unvaccinated.

    ‘A Few Mutations Away’: The Threat of a
    Vaccine-Proof Variant
    Damian McNamara
    July 29, 2021
    (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, “For the amount of virus circulating in this country right now largely among unvaccinated people, the largest concern that we in public health and science are worried about is that the virus…

  6. Ran around Carson City this morning. Today was the start of the mask mandates…again. NEVER wore a mask, no one said a word to put one on. Walmart said it was a ‘personal choice’. I think everyone is worn out from all the lies and bullshit that goes with those lies.

  7. Here we go, the unvaccinated are terrorists now

    “Anti-science is arguably one of the leading killers of the American people, and yet we don’t … treat it as such. We don’t give it the same stature as global terrorism and nuclear proliferation and cyber attacks,” he said.

    The Kaiser Family Foundation said earlier this month its surveys showed Democrats were much more likely to say they have been vaccinated than Republicans….

    Biden’s COVID-19 Strategy Thwarted by Antivaxxers, Delta Variant
    By Jeff Mason and Julie Steenhuysen
    July 30, 2021

  8. A typical trip to Walmart in my area during the height of Covid mania: 20% of the customers have no mask, 50% are wearing them wrong, and 25% are wearing masks that either had never seen a washing machine or disposables that should have been thrown away long ago. About 5% are wearing fairly clean masks correctly, although it is exceedingly rare to see an effective N95 mask in the store.

    I live in a fairly rural community, and just about everyone will visit Walmart at least once a week because they have to. According to our local public health website, our COVID numbers were the same or lower than the larger communities with more store and delivery choices and heavier concentrations of Karens.

  9. * Hides some of the UGLY FACES.

    That’s one reason why ugly democrats like masks.

    The ugly ones look the same as the beautiful. If anything irks a democrat it’s jealousy.

    Same reason they want self driving cars. So the good drivers are brought down to the same level as anyone else. In their eyes it’s not fair someone could be better.

    Least common denominator is the standard.

  10. We’re taking our oldest Grandkid to the Aquarium Sunday as a “first day of school” treat. Yesterday, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced masks were going to be required in Atlanta yet again.

    Yesterday was July 29. Mask mandate goes into effect Monday, August 2.

    So we can’t catch COVID on Sunday but can on Monday? πŸ™‚

    FYI – none of us will be wearing masks.

  11. @JD Hasty: I agree with you 100% about stepping foot back into a store where the minimum wage, tatted up, bullring in the nose, and purple haired *unt demanding I put on a mask. That was Traitor Joes. Got a store in town that sells discontinued food and other items. Same thing, empty parking lot, I expect them to go out of business soon. Matters not to me.

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