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War on Women

An interesting article appeared in the NYT last week where Democrats admitted that they work to gin up any statement said by a Republican against a female Democrat.  They gleefully document and define any such statements as offensive to all women and then proceed to try to fund raise off of it.

Read the NYT piece here.  Read an interpretation of the revelations here

3 Comments on War on Women

  1. This ain’t new, folks.
    Ain’t the Repubs never seen the 1949 Tracy/Hepburn film, “Adam’s Rib”?!

    Don’t answer that.


  2. But OMG, did you look at the comments? Nothing but shitspew from an endless parade of Stupider Than Thou libtards. This country is SO screwed.

  3. The women I know laugh at the notion of this War on Women because limp dick, fauxmen progressive, transsexual retards don’t have the equipment to declare war on anything or anybody. Liberalism is a mental disorder,(Mike Savage) and the War on Women is one way it manifests.

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