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Was Biden In Contact With Fat Alvin’s Office?

MRN: In a tweet today, U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) hinted at a possible investigation, asking if the Biden White House was in contact with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office about a possible indictment.

Jordan wondered, “Was the Biden White House in communication with Bragg’s office about a possible indictment?”

“And if so, is that why President Biden is refusing to comment on the matter?” Jordan added.

As we reported yesterday, during her White House press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Joe Biden isn’t focusing on Donald Trump’s arraignment in NYC.

Jean-Pierre insisted that Biden instead was focusing on the American people, “not watching, not reading, not following Trump’s arraignment in New York City.”

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre if she could give her “any sense of how” Biden was “taking in the moment” of Trump’s arrest. more

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  1. Once again, half-truths by Lead Dissembler J.P. de’Worm. I find that Joetato is not watching, reading, or following plausible as he’s incapable of reading and only watching and following little girls and ice cream.

  2. Rest assured that that fat, ignorant, Affirmative Action, Soros-owned stooge of a DA didn’t make any decisions on his own.

    He’s a sock puppet.

    Whether the Retarded Pedophile Usurper contacted him is immaterial – someone in the Swamp is pulling his strings – he’s too fucking dumb to come up with anything on his own. Although the indictment is so laughable he may have devised that (with the help of some actual lawyers or law clerks).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Why isn’t the SCOTUS calling out all the bulls..t that is going on in the “justice” system? Roberts is after all the “Chief” justice. Not even Thomas or the people Trump appointed. Pack of cowards.

  4. Pulling it outta thin air, grasping for straws, making it up as you go, Yimmyboy Jorden best plays from his bag-o-dicks playbook. Looks like rapeboy will be back in town for his next really big show at the end of the month. Let the Clown show begin.

  5. The wanna-be shirley temple wig-wearer is a liar like that parasite ChinaMoney Joe Biden. Biden is a nitwit hand puppet who takes orders from global sewer workers who fancy themselves as elitists. Too stupid to know the difference, ChinaJoe seeks to elevate himself into positions he doesn’t deserve by attmepting to crush Americans. The slob is nothing more than a piddling drooling child molesting terrorist who takes all but gives nothing back.

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