Was ‘Muslim Obama’ man a plant?

WJ– Bombshell Accusation About Man Behind ‘Muslim Obama’ Question To Trump Could Change Everything.

muslim obama man

The man who asked the now-infamous question about President Obama being a Muslim at Donald Trump’s New Hampshire rally has mysteriously vanished, leaving a growing trail of suspicions that he was a plant designed to embarrass the Republican front-runner.

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  1. And with George Stephaopolis quizzing Dr. Carson about a hypothetical muzzie presidential candidate, I’d say the most likely perp of this one was none other than the Clinton Crime Foundation.

  2. Even if the man was a “plant,” I don’t see this as harmful to Mr Trump. That might have been the intent, but it didn’t work. I’m glad we’re having this discussion. We need to talk about Islam.

  3. I’ll wager 1000 IOTW Lire, that if Trump puts his security people to work, they’ll find him. I’m curious. This could be demorat set up or a RINO set up. Damn this could be fun too.
    They won’t need to waterboard him, just a couple of slaps across the face and “he pee he pants”

  4. This could be a collaborative effort between D and R.
    A brotherhood of corruptocrats that don’t want The Donald to rock their cruise ship.

  5. This is just the beginning of the rabid leftists going after Trump.
    It’s obvious he’s on target and they are terrified.
    I’m sure what they have to hide is going to rock this world.

  6. I have no doubt Donald already knows who he is. I thought plant the minute I heard the question. This is what the left does.

  7. Depends on what we’re talking about. This is no big deal, IMHO. The guy said what most of us think and know anyway. Do you disagree with what he said? Seriously – even Trump just came out and defended the guy. Let it go.

  8. There’s a Facebook page, The Young Conservative that think they have pictures of the guy at an Anti Tea Party rally. The pictures do look pretty similar.

  9. The whole elected political class is a plant. So there’s a plant before someone is elected. As if there isn’t a plant on the left limiting debates and throw softball questions all fucking day long to the H. It’s how it works.

  10. @Navigator No tea partier that I’ve ever known would have framed a candidate question like that. It sounded scripted with buzz words to get the media salivating.

  11. if this was a LibTard plant, it backfired on them bigtime and Trump came out smelling like a rose.

    I’m convinced that Obama is a FilthyMoslemSavage(tm), always has been a FilthyMoslemSavage(tm) and always will be. I’m further convinced that he was not born in the USA but rather was born in that shithole Kenyan village like his own Kenyan grandmother said he was.

    He is a usurper and the biggest plant of all, a real life Manchurian Candidate.

  12. Considering all the names associated with 0bama on all the identifying documents with all the “clerical errors,” and with his college admissions and transcripts on lockdown, along with his passport, and not knowing why, exactly, he traveled to “Pokeeston,” or why we are not allowed to see the Khalidi tape, or that he has never spoken of his christian faith with the same passion and personal experience he speaks of Islam –

    I’m free to believe he’s an anti-semitic, anti-american follower of Mohammad and it’s up to HIM to prove otherwise.

  13. All I knows is that this here BHO is no American. And I knows what an American is. “Cause I traveled 3000 miles to become one. And no siree, he ain’t no American. No way.

  14. But this guy who tried to pull a stunt on Donald Trump should be tracked down and identified. Just watch the flyby media attacking all republicans. Rubio questioning Trump’s foreign policy expertise and Kelly and Hume of FOX sort of gloating on it.
    Makes me want to puke.

  15. I would bet money the man who asked a question of trump and talked about obama being muslim works for the msm somewhere.

    he didn’t ask trump if obama was a muslim so why would trump even if inclined to do so defend obama? the msm expectations of trump signal the questioner was their plant.

    shouldn’t the msm track down this guy and ask him about declaring obama and other muslims as being trouble for the USA and not the republican candidates?

    why would democrat politicians need campaign donations since the msm is obviously their real campaign organization? democrats get constant favorable attention from the msm. why run more tv adds when you have the nightly broadcast news stumping for you?

  16. Here is my belief. At any conservative campaign, anyone asking really offensive questions or chanting death threats, you know that person is a plant.

  17. I think The Donald has the resources to find this shill, this plant. And I also think that this shill and plant, since he wanted to disappear after his failed embarrassment, the Donald could grant his request, and make him disappear. . . . but not in the way that Mr Plant might want. . . . Mr Plant, meet Mr Hoffa. . . .

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