Sweden Now Condemns Gay March as Racist… Against Muslims?!

What happens when two of the left’s favorite “oppressed” pet groups (LGBTQ and Muslims) collide?

swedish gay parade is racist against muslims

LouderWithCrowder: Last month the Swedish nationalists planned a gay pride parade (featuring everyone’s favorite day time entertainment, gay public kissing and/or heavy petting) and routed the parade through two Swedish Muslim districts of Tensta and Husby. For those of you who’ve been living under a rainbow-painted rock, Muslims don’t like gay people. And not in the, “Ew it’s gross when two men kiss, make it stop,” kind of way. No, no, Muslims will kill gay people for being gay. Or because they’re jealous of their fashion sense. Just kidding, Muslims just kill gay people for all the gay reasons.

But as much as leftists champion equality and compassion, one group came out on top… Um, I mean one group won.
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  1. with my best British typing skills….”districts of Tensta and Husby”….are you sure that they didn’t mean “Testes and Husband?”…..

  2. What happens when two of the left’s favorite “oppressed” pet groups (LGBTQ and Muslims) collide?

    Answer: If allowed to freely interact, the Muslims would kill the gays.

  3. I was wondering too whether anyone on the Right called out the Lefties for being racist in their criticism of Dr Carson’s recent comments about Muslims. With Obama, any criticism on any topic gets the critic labeled “racist”. Yet the same did not apply for candidate Herman Cain and now Dr. Carson.

  4. I read a book on the Taliban many years ago. What a fascinating look at the various ministers of State.

    I remember one of them stated that the punishment for being a homosexual is death by knocking a wall over and crushing them. I’m not sure when the other punishments came along, but I always speculated they ran out of walls, which is saying something after the job the Soviets did on Afghanistan.

  5. When it comes to choosing between behaviors the left always chooses tyranny over freedom. I wonder if gays will realize they’ve been duped during their fall from a ten-story building.

  6. So let me get this straight, it’s okay for an Afghan soldier to bang some little boy, but it’s not okay for real queers to do it? To be fair don’t both need flying lessons in the Sharia law Mumbo jumbo?

  7. Exactly! If your skin is a certain color or your nationality is specific, then we are talking race. Muslims and Christians and Jews are not a race. Homosexuals do not constitute a race. Gender identity does not qualify as a race. Pedophiles are not members of a race of people. You get my point. This whole ‘racist’ thing is getting way out of hand!

  8. The funny thing is that the liberals and homosexuals have always despised Christians because we point out their sins and their need for repentance. However, if they get their way with using muslims to undermine Christianity, then they will find that they won’t just be uncomfortable with a lifestyle choice criticism; rather they will all be dead.

    Would you rather be 1) chastised or 2) executed.

    Given their allegiance, liberals are clearly brain-dead or insane.

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