Washington State GOP Pushing For Election Audit

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The state of Washington is starting to take a closer look at its elections as residents question the authenticity of the state’s mail-in voting system. State GOP Chairman for Elections Integrity Committee Bill Bruch spoke with Christina Bobb. Here’s more.

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  1. Looking ahead, the GOP is already selecting from this list for this week’s Mad Lib letter of disapproval to be used for fundraising purposes…

    “express strong disapproval of?

    Need synonyms for express strong disapproval of? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.


    To criticize or express strong disapproval of

    reprobate condemn denounce censure reprehend anathematize criticiseUK criticizeUS decry execrate vilify disapprove of frown upon excoriate deprecate proscribe abominate comminate castigate attack knock berate blast slam reprove reproach slate rebuke reprimand pan disparage hammer upbraid chastise revile chide blame diss objurgate flame vituperate dis fault arraign slash belittle deplore dispraise slag disapprove denunciate depreciate cane skin frame punish judge name adjudge pronounce lay into slag off find fault with inveigh against put down take to task have a go at call down let someone have it come down on give someone a bad press give something a bad press declare unfit send up put away point finger at thumbs down on blow whistle on hang something on pin it on lay at one’s door send up the river denigrate admonish scold jump all over reject savage trash come down hard on lambaste lambast roast charge bawl out tax give one hell call to account chew out bring to account rake over the coals tear into jump down one’s throat think badly of climb all over express disapprobation express disapprobation of stick it to”

    …just trying to save everyone some time…


  2. The Washington State Republican Party, which was and is pretty much under the control of the Bellevue Boy’s Club threw sat there like a bunch of booger eating morons and basically allowed the King/Pierce/Snohomish Democrat machine to steal the 2004 gubernatorial election. More or less yucking it up and having a grand old time with their “friends across the aisle.” A more duplicitous, lying, conniving, deceitful bunch of backstabbing snakes in the grass one would be hard pressed to locate anywhere on the planet.

    As a result of this betrayal of Republican voters who had donated and continued to donate money to continue to fight this outright, daylight theft of the gubernatorial election.

    As a result a large enough percentage of republican voters dropped out of the process and no longer participate in elections.

    Then to top it off these ratfuckers got involved in the Didier vs Newhouse Congressional race https://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/local/4th-district-didier-versus-newhouse-two-republicans-with-very-different-political-views/article_3c3cbc5b-29cc-59d1-8664-a386519a221f.html and with help from the NRA-AILA dry shaved Clint Didier. Newhouse is a well known two faced deceitful shitbag, but he comes by it honestly as he is descended from a long line of shitbags.


    Make absolutely no mistake about it, Newhouse had the backing of the Bellevue Boy’s Club on that vote and whenever he shit on President Trump.

    These fuckers cannot be trusted. Period. Full stop.


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