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Watch: Delusional-NYTs Opinion Editor’s Opinion Is That They Are Not Left-Wing

This is insane. If you watch the entire interview, all of her views are left-wing, yet, when she is asked if the opinions and editorials are left-wing she says, “no.”

This is mental illness on full display.

What is the ratio of endorsed democrats versus republicans in the NYT’s editorial and opinion pages? 1000 to 1?

The left-wing interviewer asks the left-wing editor if she would ever consider running an editorial or opinion piece that questions the vaccination.

She says, “No. We follow the science.”

This is a remarkably frightening glimpse into a bint with a leftist and brainwashed mind that believes she is nothing of the sort – she is right up the middle… of the upper west side.

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  1. When does Teh Krazy ever know or acknowledge that they are crazy?
    Teh Krazy are so far up their own assholes that they can’t see anything outside themselves.

  2. What the left doesn’t seem to ever understand is that I and most others from my political perspective have zero interest in having a dialogue with them. I want them simply to cease to exist. They have had a destructive and criminally insane effect on this republic.

  3. The first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem.
    These people have no clue they have serious deficiencies in logical thinking.
    Thus they will NEVER admit they have problems.
    So the extremely destructive behavior of the left wing media will continue indefinitely.

  4. She is disingenuous . Delusional is not synonymous with disingenuous. You are saying she is not rational I say she is a “Compassionate Conservative” LIAR. She fully understands she is dishonest! as the immoral President I quoted. Liberals lie, party is not the key; being liberal is the key. Liberals IN BOTH PARTIES have lied for over 70 years. She lies not because she is a “D”; because she is a liberal. She knows she lies; she try to misled.

  5. Why is it hard for some to understand and take to heart the natural things in life. Life is a gift. For starters…lets begin with our own individual values, and respect that. ( A liberal is being held back via noose)

    Some time ago people, when horse shit ruled the streets, were different despite being the same.

    Interesting how fad culture have such an influence on the manure of things…


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