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Watch: Joe Biden Admits Classified Documents Found in His Garage Next to Corvette

Breitbart: President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday classified documents were discovered in his garage at his Delaware home, but did not explain why.

“By the way, the Corvette is in a locked garage. OK? It’s not like they’re sitting out in the street,” he said when asked by reporters about the revelation of a second group of classified documents found at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden’s prized Corvette has been used by the White House to promote the president’s agenda.

The president repeated he would continue to cooperate with the Justice Department to recover classified documents from his belongings.

Biden did not answer any additional questions about why he had the documents in his possession, noting that the investigation was ongoing.

“We’re going to see all this unfold,” he said. more

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  1. So this is the third location this moron has been storing stolen classified documents. My question is, who’s coming forward with this info? Seems like it would be pretty easy to keep a lid on it. Is the Coup done with Joe?

  2. Cue Potatohead 2.0 to make her entrance.

    Kamalaladingdong is getting the last touches done on her hair.

    “Wipe your chin dear, you’ll be on camera!”

  3. @ Brad and aleon…..Maybe Trump has some connected friends that are pissed off. Trump earlier said that there would be several other places to be found with Biden’s classified documents…..I hope so…

  4. aleon, my opinion is they’re done with Biden, he is no longer useful to them otherwise this never would have been known. I’ll be surprised if he finishes the year without dying or resigning due to health issues.

  5. Biden doesn’t know how to read a teleprompter because he can’t remember what to say. He can’t maneuver in the fenced in Easter egg hunt without being led around by Harvey the Big White Rabbit.

    And he’s supposed to remember where all the illegally kept classified documents are or how they came into his possession?

    The dim light is on, but nobody is home.

  6. What else and where will they find more classified document with joey’s fingerprints all over them? It’s time to retire to the old fogeys home joe before all your corruption is exposed and you’re hung out to dry by the democraps. Unlucky us, will get stuck with Kamala for a while who is more unqualified than joey is for our next presidunce.

  7. willy

    One would hope that there’s a few people involved in the coup that might actually begin to worry about the destruction of or country. These bastards have gone WAY to far. Just the amount of immigrants invading us alone is enough to destroy our country. I don’t get the motivation.

  8. Yea, somethings up. That giant Vajayjay Garland just appointed a special council to investigate Biden’s handling of stolen classified materials. A guy by the name of Robert Hur. A Trump guy. Go figure.

    “Robert Hur – a Trump appointee – was a US Attorney for the US District of Maryland.”

  9. Oh come on man! I was framed I tell you framed. Who the heck was in my garage? At this rate they could find top secret documents all over the country. Well I here by declare all former top secret documents unclassified. Better late than never. Woo

  10. according to GP:
    Robert Hur was a US Attorney for the District of Maryland from April 2018 to February 2021.
    Hur was a Trump nominee.
    Robert Hur was a partner with Chris Wray at the powerhouse law firm King & Spalding in 2015.
    Hur later became a top lieutenant to Rod Rosenstein, a serial liar who pushed the Trump-Russia lie for several years, the U.S. deputy attorney general.

    if the alphabet agencies knew all about this stuff – for who knows how long – why didn’t they collect all the documents back then instead of taking a chance on what we have now
    its all very smelly

  11. watching PDJT and crew play the politics game exposing the the political et al. cess pool’s depth/breadth has been educational and entertaining
    what a time to be alive

  12. ALEON


    Reagan Republicans fought Buhs Republicans to a 15 vote qualified win. A big part of the WIN was a Reagan man now Chairs a very important (for America lovers) committee, Jim Jordan.

    Jim would have found out these things; and will find out much more.

    Clearly the fight was worth it! Reagan met did not get a total win; but clearly got an important win with Jim!

    UNIPARTY is doing a “pre emotive” outing!

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