WATCH: Joe Biden STOPS Speech – Has Incident On Camera! – IOTW Report

WATCH: Joe Biden STOPS Speech – Has Incident On Camera!

Despite reading directly from his teleprompter, President Joe Biden struggled to read a portion on NATO’s formation, during his remarks at the White House on 8/9/2022.

The man literally cannot read anymore. You can’t ignore this stuff. He’s not ok!

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  1. Get ready for a major shuffle in the White House.
    Kamala’s assistants have left because they can see the writing on the wall while Jackass Joe doesn’t even know there is writing on the wall!!

  2. The guy turning the pages on the teleprompter really has his hands full. Joe drifts off script, and reads things that aren’t there. I wish I had that job…the fun I would have before they fired me.

  3. uhhh, Look we have to be straight about it, Dr. Jill will have to teach Joe remedial reading, again.

    Once a fool, always a fool.

  4. Get back with me when he’s room temperature. Until then, screw him and everybody that thinks like him.

  5. AnonTrooper August 11, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    What’s terrifying is that he has the football and launch codes….

    I betcha Humper has access to the football and codes. He’s Pedo Peter’s right hand man as wee all know. He’s ready to sell them to the Chicoms for some crack and ho’s.

  6. Yep. Talking to a senile person be like that. One minute they’re almost lucid, the next you’re in a past life regression from The Twilight Zone. It’s like playing chess with a toddler, it starts out normal but the board gets quickly upened in frustration as your opponent stuffs the Queen up his nose.

  7. Cynic
    AUGUST 11, 2022 AT 4:27 PM
    “I bet he’s going to down like that Saudi diplomat. Just keel over dead.”

    Nah. Before that can happen, a MAGA hat wearing FBI agent will shoot the old fraud, leaving a personal item that they stole from Trump’s mansion behind as “proof of his involvement”. This will be pretext to jail him and start seizing guns in the middle of the night nationwide from all of us.

    You know what they say about not letting a crisis go to waste. What better crisis than a phony assassination to cow the decent citizens and cancel elections, and that’s just for starters…

  8. @AnonTrooper
    “What’s terrifying is that he has the football and launch codes….”

    No he doesn’t, he has a briefcase with the games candy land and chutes and ladders inside.

  9. Do you think they would let a guy who can’t get his own jacket on without his wife’s help and has to be helped around by the hand or he will walk off somewhere looking for a hand to shake, have the codes?

  10. Get Shitpants that handsign idiot from Mandela’s funeral.
    That comical clown will distract from Potatohead’s demise enough that he won’t have to seek out more wars to start!

  11. hey cheryl……

    ….if you can’t manage to skip the “work from home” comments yer own self, how do you expect someone else to do it for ya????

  12. he seems to be determined to be a wartime president…

    probbly the only way to get his fat out of the fire…..replacing it with OUR fat…..

    remember how clinton wished HE had been a wartime president……

    we all know joe is not running things, but when he runs his mouth like this, the truth sneaks out…..they are planning to get us into a war before november…..

    so we will all “rally round the flag, boys!!!”

    meanwhile, after the raid at mar-a-lago, we have an attack on an fbi station…..gee, wonder how THAT could have happened…..

    where at the whitmer kidnappers?…anywhere near that fbi station???

    we all know what’s going on here…..


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