Watch: Joe Caught in Lie About Not Needing To Wear Mask After Vax- Talks in Circles

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  1. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I know I didn’t say that.

    I am not going to push for Joey to be removed under the 25th. Do you think Kamala would be any better? And if she was removed, it would fall to Nancy Ice Cream. Get good candidates for the midterms. Vote and elect them. Replace Liz and Adam. Take back the House. Take back the Senate. Unfortunately, 2022 is not a good year for Repubs with 14 (D) and 20 (R) up for election. Do not despair. Vote. Get good candidates. We have the ability to overcome this.

  2. RodgerF, the election fraud has to be settled, or what’s the point of voting?
    And what’s th point of voting Republican when the bastards convert to RINO’s as soon as their in office?
    There’s no peaceful way to settle this.
    Keep your powder dry and ample.
    It’s going to be war.

  3. @Carlos, I agree with you. I do think the election was stolen. I do not think that anything we can do now will reverse the past election, so I am looking forward to what we can do to secure the Democratic Republic that the Founders envisioned. Continue the audits. I do not see anything working through the courts before the 2022 and 2024 elections, but we can prove there were illegal acts. Prove that the fix was in and convince others to right the wrongs going forward. Various courts and Roberts will not let anything go forward to throw out the past.
    If we get proactive, and do something now, we can keep the future available. I recommend Mark Levin’s new book “American Marxism”. He also stresses that we need to be active, even if there is something we do not have a direct stake in (ex. CRT if your kids have graduated, or you have no children, attend school boards and let your voice be heard. Attend stockholder meetings of the Big Tech companies you might have in your IRA / 401(k), etc. Let them know that the socialists are not the only ones out there)

    Ok, I am rambling. But I do think we can do things now that help in the future. Do not give up.

  4. “Joe Caught in Lie…”

    …just one?

    …doesn’t matter, the media just hand waves them all away as the DOJ refuses to investigate anything but Trump supporters, Lego Capitols, and garage door “nooses”…

  5. I am sooooo glad the ‘vaxxed’ are wearing masks. I don’t want the shit they are spewing from their mouth OR pores.

  6. Good liars have their shit together enough to keep track of the lies they tell.
    When you’re like SloJoe, you’ve forgotten what you’ve said right after you say it.

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