Watch: Psaki Tries, and Fails, To Explain Biden Not Acknowledging D-Day – IOTW Report

Watch: Psaki Tries, and Fails, To Explain Biden Not Acknowledging D-Day

23 Comments on Watch: Psaki Tries, and Fails, To Explain Biden Not Acknowledging D-Day

  1. Did anyone In Joey’s family ever lift a finger to help, or serve the country? I mean honorably.

  2. JD, I sort of agree. However, they do have a sincere bone in their body, they sincerely do not give a damn about our country, our founding, and they certainly don’t care about the citizens of America!

  3. He probably did say something, something like: “I just want to say how proud I am of the men and women, especially the women, and the men of color who participated in D-Day, the greatest battle of the civil war. If we didn’t have the jets and nuclear subs, we never would have won that battle, and we’d all be speaking English right now, serving the king of England. And I just want to say that that little girl in the front row there is one hot little tease. I’d like to have a chat with her after the speech if you get my drift.

  4. Allot of people gave their lives, souls, health and love ones to these aholes who could care less. To hell with all of them. No excuse is accepted!!!! F off.

  5. A treasonous scumbag like Biden even mentioning D day dishonors everyone who died and everyone who served. No National holiday needs the Faux presidents acknowledgement or approval.

  6. Of course he didn’t, he hates the military, especially after they sent his drug addled, crackhead, whore-mongering, pedophile of a son packing. And don’t get me started on that communist whore of a wokesperson the media lays sloppy kisses upon even when they know she’s lying.

  7. Commies gonna commie, what do you expect. If there were Soviet soldiers in Normandy I bet Xho Bai-den would remember it then.

  8. America Bob; my son was an MP in Iraq and Baghdad Bob told him he was promised to be able to have cigarettes in detainment. My young Marine told him that was tough shxt.

  9. I’d like to think Dems don’t any mind to that generation any mind because many of them are dead or dying…but then I remembered scores of them still vote for Dems from their grave.

  10. Kinda makes you wonder why Biden got 5 deferments from serving is the service during Vietnam.
    Demented putz can’t make himself honor those who served at great peril during the D-Day invasion.

  11. And we were called the deplorable ones?

    Shit like this makes THEM pricks AND scumbags…

    Eff em’.

  12. I predict Psaki will take her own life someday. Her rotting corpse won’t smell any different than it does now.

  13. Psaki’s head: If I say enough words fast enough, maybe the average groupie… I mean, media personality – won’t realize I didn’t answer the question!

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