Watters World Serves Up The Red Meat

Pennsylvania State University Professor, Anne DeLessio-Parson, published an academic paper recently on the “hegemonic masculinity” of “meat-centric” Argentina.

“being a vegetarian in the South American nation is a political act that contributes to the destabilization of the gender binary, or the view that there are only two sexes, masculine and feminine.”

Jesse Watters invited her into his world to discuss her article while he enjoys a steak dinner.  Watch

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  1. Where do these zombies come from? I love her claw-like hand gestures. I’d call them an expression of her aggression.

  2. Professors beclown themselves and the Professors who Profess the Truths of those Professors are too ill-informed to understand that the beclowning Professors beclown the Institutions which beclown themselves by tenuring the beclowned Professors, in the first instance.

    Thus, an ever deepening spiral of beclownment by Academia and her Academicians – who remain oblivious to their own beclownment.

    While offering some amusement to the un-beclowned, the beclowned will simply ask “Whah?” and continue to pollute the minds of the incredulous.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. DR. Carol Swain, Bless her honesty, said it best: “Academia awards ideas, the more extreme the better.” DeLessio-Parson is dumb like a fox, laughing all the way to the bank with her grant money.

  4. She’s from “Wisconsin”…she must mean the northern part of NoMeatoLandia, right? What we call turds, they call “cheese.” So, she’s a TurdHead!

  5. Will no one say to their faces you are bat shit insane and no one wants to hear one single thing you have to say about anything, get off my show.

  6. In 1945 Argentina was the 4th richest nation, per capita, on the planet.

    Decades of corrupt Leftist rule, like the Perons, destroyed all that.

    The economic decline/collapse of Argentina since 2000 is a Venezuela-like study of everything the Left does wrong.
    Even with inheriting infinite natural resources and an already famously ambitious, hard working, educated and can-do population with healthy family traditions.

    Truly, the Left destroys everything it touches.

  7. She did mention her real agenda which is communism, when she started telling Jesse the money he has to but expensive steak is unfair.

  8. That croaky voice is a fad and tells me she is trying to sound like the women on NPR. Thankfully she doesn’t have an “s” lisp, another female affectation popular on NPR.

    I listen to NPR so you don’t have to

  9. Hey, at least while the Professors are writing tripe like this they’re not molesting children or continuing the man made global warming fraud that’s made Al Gore a very rich man. Very rich indeed.

  10. Lady, the very reason your brain is big enough to have such retarded thoughts is due to the fact that your ancestors ate steaks.

  11. “He was a brave man who ate the first oyster.”
    Ben Franklin. Or clam, or squid, for that matter,
    without hot sauce! Are you kidding me?

  12. You notice that when she first started talking to the male primate she kept waving her hands under and across her boobs in order to emphasize them and to try to focus his attention on them and her womanhood!

  13. At our annual VFW Christmas Dinner last night out of 100 plus in attendance the majority ate Prime Rib…at least half of them were women, I hope they didn’t wake up this morning with facial hair and balls to scratch!

  14. universal health care for animals is one thing but what in the world would a criminal justice system for animals look like! A jury of peers for one would be iffy and locking up cats and dogs together would be problematic! Racoons and squirrels steal all day every day and coyotes, mountain lions and bears would eat you for breakfast, lunch or dinner! On top of that most animals aren’t keen on the niceties of legal jargon and or paying fines for activities deemed to be
    instinctive (sex, hunting, killing and larceny)!

  15. Fish on a Bicycle
    I went back and watched it without sound – her facial expressions, smiling with mouth tightly closes (maximum dimples showing), looking up while supposedly trying to think what to say, the sweater sleeves covering half of her hands.

    All of that body language spells arrested development at age 13, when she was cute and was constantly seeking approval from Daddy, which she never got. Thus toxic masculinity. Sad


    It’s child abuse not to give children meat. It’s for BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. No other substitute for protein is acceptable.

    Eat LESS red meat, ok, great idea. But for older people, once a week red meat is Ok. White meat, fish / chicken / turkey are absolutely needed for proper health.

    These nutrition-terrorists are harming people, not helping.


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