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Wave Bye-Bye to BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed News is shutting down.

In an email to staff shared with NBC News, BuzzFeed Inc. CEO and co-founder Jonah Peretti said the move was part of a 15% workforce reduction across a number of teams.

“While layoffs are occurring across nearly every division, we’ve determined that the company can no longer continue to fund BuzzFeed News as a standalone organization,” he wrote.

Peretti said he had overinvested in BuzzFeed News “because I love their work and mission so much.” More

15 Comments on Wave Bye-Bye to BuzzFeed

  1. Another liberal strain of Marxist bacteria killed by the Pedo’s imbecilic stewardship of our economy.

    Demonrats are such economic dipshits they can’t keep their propagandist media employed. META, NPR, Amazon, WAPO, CNN, NY Times, all facing massive implosion.

    Glorious to bathe in the tears of satanic shitheads.

  2. Hey NBC
    Never Forget
    We Won’t Forever
    We WILL Keep A Light On For A Bunch Of Yous
    Even After You Think Nobody Remembered
    We WILL Enjoy Your Stay, When It Happens
    We’ll Keep That Light BURNING Just For You

  3. Remember “Air America”? Libtard radio station through the 2000’s?
    Supposedly the competition (HAHAHA) to conservative talk radio (i.e., Rush Limbaugh)
    Went bankrupt for the last time approx 2010.
    Unfortunately bits and pieces still live on (“Democracy Now” w/ Amy Goodman)

  4. Breitbart has a pretty good review of BuzzFeed’s history and downfall, for anyone interested in what a load of garbage the whole operation was. Sort a cross of the integrity of Google with the intelligence of TikTok with all the redeeming qualities of Facebook.

  5. knowingly

    “Ex-Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith now admits he knew at the time he published, in full, the fake Russia dossier that it contained “clear errors” — in fact, one of his editors, Miriam Elder, warned “It is not just unconfirmed: It includes some clear errors.” He publ’d anyway”



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