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We Are All Trolls Now

Chris Maddow is so mad he may skip a period.


He doesn’t like that well over half of America is currently covered in snow and that a group of climate scientists, who went to Antarctica to confirm already settled science, have been stuck in ice for well over a week, and every boat that tries to save them ends up having to be saved as well, and we troll him by pointing it out.

(Maybe if all the progressives try to save the other progressives they could all be frozen in the ice, only to thaw out and wreak havoc on a happy thriving earth 1000 years from now.)

Sitting in snow up to our eyeballs and asking, “when will the warming start?” is trolling. But blaming an EARTHQUAKE on global warming is merely part of the smart noise of the settled science.

Chris Hayes is the sickening relative at the Thanksgiving table that just won’t shut up, only, he has on a suit, make-up, a haircut, nice lighting, and nearly 1000 viewers.

Well, the show is called All In. When you’re all in, with your last dying frosty breath, encased in ice, you will call anyone that points and laughs at the irony of it all  a troll.


Charlie Spiering has the rest of the story


14 Comments on We Are All Trolls Now

  1. Mock them? Oh, hell no, I want to inflict damage upon them for perpetrating a hoax that affects me every fucking day in high energy prices. I would prefer these morons to suffer severe frost bite complete with amputations.

  2. Those estrogen treatments Chris is undergoing sure are working!

  3. Hayes, unlike Olberman, will probably eventually end up selling coffee at a Starbuck’s in CA.

    It’s just a matter of time before he screws up and is forced to apologize for something that will get him fired.

    They can’t help themselves. It’s in their self-important DNA to piss on the electric fence.

  4. I have a confession to make. I occasionally watch MSNBC. Yea, I’m the third viewer. I’ve never seen a bigger collection of misfit idiots in one place. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching the comedy channel. My new favorite phrase “Manufactured Intelligence” runs rampant there.

  5. With Chris and Rick Maddow, The Walking Dirty
    Q-Tip Mika, and The Morning Scar, that won’t go away, NBC will continue to air new episodes of One Flew Over, Is that a Cock Eww’s Nest, daily. Fly the freak peacock flag!

  6. All In? Is that what happens after you Lean Forward?

  7. @Bad Brad.

    I like tuning into MSNBC, turning off the volume, and cranking up the fart machine.

    It’s so fun!

  8. Jerry, exactly. And talk about Manufactured Intelligence, their freaken compass is off too. They are NOT leaning forward, they’re leaning to the left so far they tipped over. These are the people we used to beat the hell out of in high school because they just didn’t quite fit in. Now they’ve formed their own little odd ball club and are trying to get even with the rest of us for their miserable existence.

  9. Heh “…and nearly 1,000 viewers…” LOL

  10. Any truth to the rumor that the sequel to “Weird Science”,”Queer Science”, will be “coming out” soon?

  11. “Chris” just won First Prize in the “Grumpy Cat” contest.

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