11 GOP Attorneys General Say Obamacare Fix Is Illegal

By Brianna Ehley

The White House is facing legal backlash from 11 Republican attorneys general who say the President is breaking the law by making changes to Obamacare without first going through Congress.

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6 Comments on 11 GOP Attorneys General Say Obamacare Fix Is Illegal

  1. This shit-for-brains manufactured imposition of a “law” is already DOA.

    Anyone with any sense can see this.

    The focus shouldn’t be on fixing it, it should be on prosecuting the assholes that developed it and thrusted it onto the world.

  2. Bloomberg TV 01/03/2014 on Friday’s Rick Santelli segment from Chicago’s trading floor said USA’s growth in 2014 is estimated to hit only 1.5% with an average employment of approximately 180,000 to 200,000 per month. This is worse than 1936’s Financial Crisis. And The White House is doubting millennials signing up for ACA (Obamacare). Once again, this is: 1) defend, 2) deflect, and 3) Disinforming all Americans about the true state of America’s economic future and impact Obamacare will have on this metric. This is Joseph Goebbels’ program planning for a Dictatorship. Wake-up America, this is worse than colonial America’s Revolution. Join A Tea Party, urgently. Pray. Amen. This 1.5% GNP growth for all of 2014 doesn’t even have Obamacare’s dead-weight calculated into it…GNP could be lower.

  3. The whole f***ing thing is illegal but enough Americans empower it with their votes and support of the propaganda ministry that lies to them, so there you have it!

    Franklin is supposed to have said “A Republic, if you can keep it” when asked what sort of government we had formed. Looks like we couldn’t keep it.

  4. Hope and change?

    Yeah, hope that O’care won’t kill you and that you might have a little change left after you fork out the premiums.

  5. Sam Olens rocks!

    The GA Attorney General was also a participant in the original States’ lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court. (Shame on John Roberts!)

    I attended a conference last year where he explained why Georgia was NOT establishing a state exchange — the cost to the State would rise by $1.7B over the next ten years and the only way to cover that increase would be additional taxes on citizens.

    It’s nice to be in a Red State, for as long as it lasts….

  6. 50 attys generals could call all the fixes as well as the original law illegal and we’d still get the same thing from this badministration: crickets.

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