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Some Caucus You Have There

The Black and Latino Caucus in Wisconsin’s state house has only 6 members.  In order to be more relevant, the Caucus has decided to invite White representatives of minority districts to join them, but not as full voting members.

The Caucus has all but ignored newly elected Jessie Rodriquez (born in El Salvador).

I’ll let you guess who is a member of which party.

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  1. Jessie must not be a good commie. God bless you Jessie.

  2. Wow, she’s rather cute! And a Republican too!

    OK, yes I know that Republican doesn’t equal Conservative but still….

    Of course, this sort of thing make perfect sense to the Progtard mind. Race, ethnicity, gender and other identity what-nots are a political construct, as explained by MSDNC crapstain Melissa Harris-Perry. A person can only identify as a “minority” if they are a leftist, which is why people like MHP and Obama are “black” while people like Thomas Sowell and Allen West are not. This also allows the left to revoke minority (victim) status if it becomes inconvenient to The Narrative- George Zimmerman, for example.

    A lot people on the Right got pissed at Allen West when he tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus and was rejected but I always thought it was a brilliant move. Shows that what we know about the CBC is true; it’s a purely leftist group, as are all such identity group organizations.

  3. I’m in agreement with a comment from the article that, with the election of The O’, duties of the representatives have changed. Don’t get your way? Add “ism” to a word and brand your opponent. The leader of your party is weaker that a baby’s grip? Be the constipation in the legislature of your locality. No matter the amount of laxatives taken, don’t let anything pass.

  4. Re: Representative Barnes, I can’t say I hold out a lot of hope for him. His parents named him Mandela, a surefire clue he was drinking the Kool-Aid from mama’s teat.

  5. the Caucus has decided to invite White representatives of minority districts to join them, but not as full voting members

    And whitey also has to ride in the back of the smuggling van.

  6. Not enough dumbass progressive minorities….so they use dumbshit white progressive substitutes while excluding real minorities who aren’t stupid racist asshole progressives?

  7. But they did invite me and Ado to immigrate to take part in their communist party. They told us to bring cheetos and an ak 47.

  8. … is inviting white lawmakers…though it’s stopping short of granting them full membership with the ability to vote on actions the group might take.

    The caucus met for the first time this session in October when members discussed a need to be more inclusive…

    You can’t make this shit up. Only in brain-dead LiberalLand do those two sentences even make sense together.

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