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We Are Called Americans, Not United Statesians

Stanford University is throwing logs on the firestorm that just very well lead to an unCivil War.

They don’t like the word American. They’ve included on a list of words not to use.

The U.S. is the most important country in the Americas – fact.

But besides that, it also contains some of the most self-important people on the planet. Namely, the Stanford staff.

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  1. here! here!
    As dad said 70 ;years ago, “I AM not Protestant! I am a Presbyterian!”! I was not offended by English and Scotch that called me “yank” however. BTW they told me 5×5 (loud and clear) I did not speak English. ai spoke AMERICAN! I replied “Proud of it!”!

  2. I’m in no mood for this kind of sh*t. If someone said this to me they just might get a slap upside the head. Well, not really, but I can imagine it! So if you tork me off and see me smiling, you know that you would be dead if I really wanted to.

  3. I am an American and have been for nearly 70 years, my parents and grandparents and other ancestors have always been Americans for the past 200 to 300 years plus. Stanford can go to Hell and take a flying leap off of the moon, these are the same idiots who proclaimed Western civilization to be dead 20 or more years ago. I hate the anti-American left. If they are so ashamed of being an American move to some turd world shithole and start over there and see how they’ll like it without the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

  4. Mexico is technically the “United Mexican States.” So if we start calling Americans “US Citizens,” will Stanford start complaining that we are not the only country that calls itself some form of “United States?”

    Of course they will.

  5. Oh please, fuck off until you can’t fuck off any further. Do these people really have nothing else in their lives that they are reduced to pumping out this crap on a regular basis.

    I’ll tell you what matters to me. This week we went to our eldest granddaughter’s first school Christmas Concert, it was wonderful. Probably the best thing I’ve heard and seen all year. Bought joy to my soul and tears to my eyes.

  6. I like how they took the term “Karen” which was never racial, and made it a slur against whites.
    I never considered Stanford a place for the smartest, but rather for the sons and daughters of privilege. For example Chelsea Clinton.

  7. Just ONCE I wish I could run across one of these Lib Marxist idiots. That would give me the opportunity to laugh in their face and mock them unmercifully. And then point, mock, and laugh at them some more.
    But (sigh) I live in a white bread, conservative, neighborhood. Peaceful, but boooooring.

  8. Tony

    As I said 65 years ago “give ’em the Ax!”!

    The Farm has been, and still is, place for plutocrats like A. Cranston BFF of J mcC!

    If you’re 70 IT SHOULD have great meaning! KEATING 5


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