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We Are in Stage 3 of Vaccine Non-Compliance. Could Stage 5 Happen?

Could this really happen in America?


Phase 1 – Voluntary (pushed by media propaganda, paying off social media influencers, doctors, etc.). This phase ensnares those who are gullible enough to think getting injected with spike protein biological weapons will somehow “save” them or set them free.

Phase 2 – Incentives (lottery tickets, free beer, free donuts, etc.). This phase ensnares those who are stupid enough to trade their lives for beer and donuts. There are a lot of these people, and even the globalists realize that such low IQ people have nothing to contribute to human civilization.

Phase 3 – Private sector punishments – in this stage they use corporations to deny people access to services (such as air travel, cruise ships, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, etc.). This phase hopes to make being unvaccinated extremely inconvenient. WE ARE HERE NOW.

Phase 4 – Criminal fines or jail time (government sector) – This phase will kick in after the fake news media blames the unvaxxed for continued spike protein outbreaks that are killing people. Laws will be passed in some jurisdictions that 


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  1. The phases seem to headed that way. However, there’s now push back from those who got the vaccine and refuse to get the boosters. That’s what the headline in the Sacramento Bee said 2 days ago. I’ve met more people who got the vaccine and now regret getting it. It’s a worry to them day-after-day. Who wants that kind of stress on a daily basis?

    There’s not enough military to go door-to-door confiscating your guns or giving you the kill jab. Resist – they don’t have enough jail cells to house everyone nor the facilities to do so. We’ll see an out-and-out civil war if it comes to that.

  2. The steadily declining numbers don’t support the need for further vaccination.
    Speaking of which, UK daily deaths are 1/10 those of US (per capita) right now, and their government is STILL clamping down with all they’ve got. Idiocy.

  3. I just use either of two of the left’s favorite lines:
    (A) My body my choice…
    (B) I “identify” as “vaccinated”.
    Hey, I didn’t make the rules but if I can use them, why not?

  4. “Our woke military”
    Someone made the point a couple days ago they are expelling most of the Spec Opps guys because they’re all conservatives. Dumping them back in with all of us Civilians. So it will be us against the Trannys.

    Oh wait, that was me.

  5. Asking if anything could actually happen in America is not even a valid question any more. Let’s see, could a man with zero experience, zero common sense and zero morals ever be elected president…Obama twice. Could an election be stolen in plain sight of the entire world and nothing done about it…2020. Could the government require businesses to close and citizens to wear masks for no reason at all…Covid-19.
    We’re past asking if things could happen in American, they already are.

  6. It’s against federal law to mandate experimental treatments without providing exemptions and alternatives. Private entities such as schools and corporations could expose themselves to liability by mandating vaccinations.

  7. Went to the grocery store yesterday without a mask. The sign said I didn’t have to wear one if I was vaccinated. No one asked me. Which is a good thing. I would have replied “I’m good.” Not a lie. I am as good as everyone else. Under the HIPA laws they can ask but I don’t have to tell them because my medical condition, under HIPA is private information and I don’t have to give it to them. So, if you’re like me and know that masks are just stupid, just tell them, “I’m good.” It’s not a lie and they don’t need to know anything more.

  8. I say I’m naturally vaccinated. I had the Rona, and solid widespread studies are showing the natural resistance is as good or better than the damn shot. The other answer you can give is: “I’m in the control group”.


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