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We Cannot Comprehend – But Disbelievers Have it All, Smugly, Figured Out

Earth is barely visible.

Earth is invisible at this scale

On September 3rd, 2003, the Hubble telescope began pointing it’s camera in a small empty area in the night sky. It was complete blackness with no visible stars.

Hubble pointed there for 4 months, soaking up whatever light it could.

This is what it captured –

Each dot is an entire galaxy. Each galaxy contains one trillion stars. Each star could have a system of planets. There is over ten thousand galaxies in this one photo. These are the most distant objects ever photographed. It is 13 billion light years away.

Tell me again that there is no God.

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  1. The fool says in their heart there is no God. We are bound to this earth with all its wonderment’s given to us by our creator. That large galaxy pictured is beyond expert’s physics and should not exist. Human’s aren’t going any where to exist on another planet. Thankful we can see what God has created.

  2. We are a like a spec on the surface of a quark that is part of a hadron, which is part of an electron spinning around a nucleus of an atom that’s part of a molecule that’s one of trillions stuck together in a clump of goo stuck under God’s fingernail.
    And he still loves us!

  3. When it’s God vs human physicists, there is only one winner, and that is God.

    For centuries these arrogant alchemists have been telling us that earth is a small insignificant planet tucked away in a insignificant arm of an insignificant galaxy. By implication, humans are insignificant. Leading to the idea that if we are insignificant, life does not matter much. Go ahead and kill babies by the millions. It doesn’t matter.

    Well, we’re it, figuratively at least – the center of the universe until life is found on another planet. Life on earth is, and should be considered to be precious for all.

    The leftists are so screwed up mentally that saving their precious “Gaia” requires elimination of millions of humans, either by killing us outright or by ensuring millions will remain unborn in the future.

  4. There are maybe a hundred ” Very big Venus” jokes to be had…..so, I’ll start….Venus is so big that when she goes around the universe, she REALLY goes around the universe….Then there’s Jupier jokes…..If you stuck Jupiters face in cookie dough you could make Saturn cookies….

  5. @ General Malaise

    God’s pronouns are We/Us (capitalized): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… and everything else you see out there in that glorious far-reaching universe, and right here on our dumpy little planet.

  6. Thanks Little Morphin’ Annie -and I hope you have a truly Merry Christmas!

    Now. Besides distance and size (and God himself), there are may things we can’t wrap our heads around. Like…

    Time. We can not even begin to imagine a million years, let alone a billion or more.

    Complexity of Matter. 100+ elements in the Periodic Table, 18+ of which are involved in organic chemistry, resulting 100’s of millions of organic compounds. Along with quantum mechanics, molecular kinetics, 3-D molecular folding, reaction rules… good luck figuring life processes out. One person can’t do it. But the rule maker did!

    Fundamental particles: quarks, leptons, gluons, photons, weak bosons. We don’t know what “the stuff” is. Instead, everything boils down to a math model. But the Head Mathematician knows!

  7. I just learned the difference between million and billion.
    One million seconds equals 11 Days, one billion equals 32 YEARS.
    And we’ve sent BILLIONS to Ukraine, and our budget it over one TRILLION.

  8. “Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”
    Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  9. Late at night after flight ops were over and it was absolutely pitch black on board the Kitty Hawk with only red lights on, I would go (I was 21 years old then in 1974) and sit up on the bow and watch the entire Milky Way be revealed to me in all of its immense glory with stars clear down to the horizon and a 360-degree view of the Universe. It was the most humbling and awe-inspiring experience that I have ever had with God. That as small as we are and how large the Universe is that God loves us that much and even more to have created such a large Universe in which we exist. We are not insignificant; I stand in awe of God’s revealed creation each and every day and thank him for his glory that I am alive and part of his creation. And I can hardly wait to see how much greater that Heaven will be after I’m gone from my earthly existence.

  10. @geoff ~ “… I stand in awe of God’s revealed creation each and every day and thank him for his glory that I am alive and part of his creation.”
    Amen brother, Amen … your statement is all the Truth, the Light, the Glory & the Power that we ‘insignificant’ beings need to walk w/ the Lord
    (btw, I’m stealing your quote)

    @Geezerish1 ~ … & we are 33 trillion in debt … wrap your head around that!
    (we ain’t digging our way out of this)

  11. To give some idea of scale, the portion of the sky photographed by Hubble was the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length. And we’ve done this a few more times, looking in different directions. On the grandest scale we know, the universe looks the same in every direction.

  12. and as big and immense as it all is, everything is just fine
    that’s the way God planned it.
    then along come pelosi, schmidtt, even hitler, and they try to define and explain everything for us, and how things have to be, for their convenience, certainly not ours.
    the immensity and extent of the universe is incomprehensible to the human mind- it has no end.
    Anyway- job well done, God!

  13. The Hubble telescope is a modified version of the KH-11 Kennen spy satellite launched in December 1976 by the United States Air Force. I was privileged to be one of the first persons to view the imagery from that satellite. I saw many incredible things, including mass graves in China used to bury those who wouldn’t conform to the dictates of the CCP.

  14. BFH, probably 2008-2010 (i can’t remember) I sent an email to you asking about your belief in God and you responded. Since then, you have have not changed much in your core, but you have grown in maturity. This post is proof of that.

  15. God said, “Let us make mankind in our image”, then preceeded to live as a man on Earth birthed by a woman, God through Christ- “Immanuel, God with us”

    Earth. Only one of the (too many to count) worlds created by God, chosen for Christ’s place of birth and Christ’s sacrifice for man’s redemption on the cross. Christ conquered sin, death and grave then returned to Heaven,seated next to God the Father.

    That makes man immeasurably significant to God. Factual events woke, godless, concensus cabal of “scientists” refuse to credit God with the magnificence of universes they actually see with their eyes. It can only be concluded; YES, these scientists fool heartly deny the awesome creation of God.

  16. Good point Marooned.
    Of all the conspiro nutbags out there, the flatty’s are the most fucked up.
    I mean, WHY?
    I somewhat get Kennedy, the moon landing, hell even 911, but damn, why flat earth?

  17. No, Hambone, they are real.
    There is a famous video of some dumb pro-basketball jock (redundant) on an airplane with a carpenter’s level wondering why the flight isn’t curved.

    Seriously, in this day and age you can’t dismiss that the world is overpopulated with outrageous, irrational ignorance.

  18. In all of that we are on the planet that is just the right distance from a sun. The Earth is spinning at just the right speed. The atmosphere is just right.
    Uranus has a magnetic pull that is just right for keeping meteors from destroying our planet. And on and on.

    To deny God is to live a sad empty life.

  19. geoff the aardvark, I had a similar experience when I was a camp counselor between my Jr and Sr year of college. Took my charges out to a field one night with our blankets. Laid on the ground looking up at the vast array of stars on a moonless night. Being in the boonies, very little light pollution and the sky was alight with majesty.

    I gave them a rudimentary lecture on what we were seeing (I was an amateur astronomer) and how it was God’s design (Christian camp).

    It was a magical night.

  20. Makes ya feel kinda small, doesn’t it?

    “Yeah, that’s great but my pronouns are….(fill in the blank) and I can marry anyone I want to now (just like before).


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