‘We live in the coldest period of the last 10 thousand years.’

“We live in the coldest period of the last 10.000 years,” says
glaciologist, Jørgen Peder Steffensen who takes us back in time to the Grenland ice cores and reveals the secrets from the past.
h/t Joe6Pak.

Their website: https://www.climateclips.com/climate-clips/
Their Vimeo channel: : https://vimeo.com/user4456001

16 Comments on ‘We live in the coldest period of the last 10 thousand years.’

  1. Fake. These are all right wing scientists.

  2. My sister (who’s very Leftwing and has swallowed this global warming crap hook line and sinker) swears she actually feels the global warming.

    There are certain mentalities that will never part withtheir cherished “man made global warming.”

  3. “…Fake. These are all right wing scientists…”

    Wait, I thought science was apolitical. You know, like the covid scamdemic science.

  4. The climate hoaxers tell us “in the last ice age, New York was covered with a 100 foot thick ice sheet.”

    I say, “oh you mean the ice age we’re still in?”

    Then they get all huffy and tell me I’m stupid.

    Since when did New York become the reference point for the ice age ending? In my uneducated mind, since there is still plenty of ice at the “polar ice caps,” that means the ice age is still ongoing. When that ice is gone and melted, THEN the ice age is over.

    For some reason it’s really hard to get that point across. The ice has retreated, yes, but it’s still there, the same ice sheet that was over New York at one time.

    When the polar ice caps melt, aren’t people going to refer to that as the ice age ending? Or are they going to say “when the ice age ended and then ended again?”

  5. When I did research many years ago we used thermocouples and thermistors to measure fluid temperature in laboratory heat exchanging systems. Even though we precisely calibrated them with their electronic recording devices before the tests we still included a 0.1 degree C anticipated error for each device during the analysis of the data. Now, these guys are talking about temperature analysis results that indicate tenths of a degree change across the entire globe? That is not science. What a bunch of assholes!

  6. I call BS. this guy is fake. Several cool periods during the last 10Kyr.
    Do they get paid to lie or is it liberalism (mental illness)?

  7. Geoengineering.org watch The Dimming. We have engineered weather worldwide. And it is corrupting the oceans, animals/ecosystem and our selves since it requires spraying massive amounts of nano particles into the sky and electrifying them.

  8. Turns out Jørgen was just surrounded by lesbians for too long. He only needed better hunting grounds.

  9. ^^^^ when one is surrounded by lesbians, it behooves any self-respecting male to become one ^^^^

    … I myself am an avowed male lesbian


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