We Lost a Great American

Lavoy Finicum.

Sent in by Tsunami. I highly recommend watching. I highly recommend this be played in schools. It’s a history/civics and life lesson rolled into one.


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  1. Unruly Refugee posted this in the bullpen a few days ago too. Excellent video and well worth the time to watch it. Lavoy was a fine spokesman that calmly conveyed sound knowledge, sincerity and honesty when he spoke. I suspect this was one major reason the feds were intent on murdering him – people would rightly believe him about the corruption and evil, unconstitutional acts committed by the federal authorities when he told his story.

  2. He sure had a nice looking ranch and pasture. A guy could spend a lot of time there and be quite content. I only had time for the first 5 minutes, I’ll watch the rest tonight.

  3. They most certainly murdered him because of his stand against them. His intent to defy them. They knew who he was and were out to get him and make their life easier.

    Damn those deputies, the BLM and the Fedcoats involved in this colossal mess to hell!

  4. The first thought that popped into my mind was a line from Jesus Christ, Super Star – “He is dan-ger-ous.” No wonder the feds “had” to kill him.

    Excellent video. I’m so glad that he left this video for the edification of those who still have some capacity to think. The video is truly inspiring.

    I just wish the gentleman had an army of angels around him to deflect the government bullets as Shadrach and Co. had the angle with them walking around in the furnace.

  5. It was painful for me to watch this video, which is why I submitted it. This gentleman had a calm, gentle humanity to him. He wasn’t out to bother anyone. I would have been honored to call him my friend.

    I suspect that the Feds had him killed, but I also suspect that they hired some “no name” mercenaries (for lack of a better term) to accomplish this. I fear the same eventual outcome for Ann Barnhardt….and that bothers me very much.

    That roadblock / ambush didn’t seem like normal procedure, and I’m suspecting that his death wasn’t an accident on the part of the Feds. I still think he was deliberately given conflicting commands by the guy that shot him from the roadblocked side.

    I think this poor man was murdered as an example to others, and it isn’t over yet.

    As long as these jackwad’s can eliminate us one at a time they will continue to do so. Anyone who fights back is going to be portrayed as a domestic terrorist akin to an ISIS piece of shit muslim.

    Make no mistake, this whole thing was ill-planned (in my opinion) on the part of the demonstrators I admit, but with their suffering comes wisdom for all of us to see ……if we are heeding the warnings and observing what bad tactics will yield.

    Its a shame that living in our country has come to this.

  6. This is a very important video. I’m calling LaVoy Finicum an American Hero for standing up in the face of death for the rights of all Americans.

    He knew more about the Constitution and our constitutional rights than all of the feds put together. And they killed him for exposing their crimes against the citizens and the Constitution.

    This will not be forgotten. People are waking up and taking notice of what’s going on. Their crimes will not go unpunished.

    God Bless the Finicum family.

  7. Oh, and I just heard that Oregon passed a law last year that REQUIRES body cams for all LEO’s. Lets see the footage!!!

    Also heard that the independent autopsy revealed NINE bullet wounds in LaVoy’s body. Not sure if that’s true but I have no doubt about the possibility.

  8. @ jagpald, words escape me…that just makes my blood boil….I want to reach through and strangle that fucking slant eyed bitch !!!!!

  9. wrong genes, it’s open season on white founding father types. You have to be a scumbag negro or a moslem to get any msm coverage.

  10. If you want to stay alive, you need to understand: Reality is not what you want it to be, reality is what IS. Lavoy wasn’t living in reality when he demanded a return to the pre-BLM days. We can never go back. That ship has sailed. Just like we cannot send the African slaves (nor their descendants) back to Africa whence they came.

    Let’s talk about those grazing rights Levoy was once leasing from the BLM. Levoy said, “first in line has first in rights” in explaining his claim on that pasture in the video. Before the BLM came along, who was first in line to graze that pasture? Anybody and everybody who wanted to could and did graze cattle on the federal lands. In the grazing free-for-all the forage became overgrazed. The land was damaged.

    The grazing commission and later, BLM were established to control the overgrazing on federal land through permits. If those grazing permits didn’t exist and grazing was still a free-for-all, there wouldn’t have been any grass left in 2015 for Levoy’s cattle to graze. The ONLY reason Levoy was able to farrow that pasture for 6 years was because the BLM grazing permit system kept everybody else out. If Levoy no longer wanted to play the federal land grazing game, he should have taken his cattle off the land and gone home. That is reality.

  11. @ anonymous , I read this aloud to my hog farmer hubby and had a good laugh. Just what exactly is farrowing a pasture? We dont think ranchers rustle up piglets. And just to educate you a little bit, there is sections in AZ that hadn’t had any cattle on it for years and the grass is dead. That type of vegetation takes movement across it to keep it alive. So when you say it was over grazed isnt true, it was lack of rain.

  12. @ Anonymous the govt. troll,

    You sound like a mercenary. I agree with FarmWife.

    I bet you believe in man-made climate change too.

  13. @ Anonymous, thank you for clarifying Levoy wasnt pasturing newborn piglets. BUT you need to go back to the drawing board. Leaving a FOOD producing field (NOT ANIMALS) untouched is called Fallow. That means to leave that field and you DO NOT produce a Crop on it for the season for which that certain crop can grow. Say, like corn takes 120 days to mature, that 120 days without corn OR any other crop would be fallow. Has absolutely nothing to do with cattle. Sounds like you do work for BLM or the states DEM. If you work for BLM I have a hunch you’re on the high side of a level 6. Am I right? Also sounds like you’ve been led by officials in your office to believe that the governments over reach is okay. Its not. And as for all the other stuff you said that you stand by is not true but I dont feel like writing that much on here to correct you.

  14. The BLM wasn’t “established to control the overgrazing on federal land through permits”. BLM was created when the GLO merged with the grazing commission. General Land Office. Anonymous can go look up that history him or herself, I have a new birthday present to play with and don’t want to waste any time explaining it. [ NIKON!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it !!!!! ]

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