We May Be Witnessing The Dawning Of A Viral Meme

unattributed found on Patriots.win

There’s new gif of Biden dropping his mask to yell at someone at the WTC on Saturday. This meme is catching faster than the Delta and I’m going to spread it farther than Biden’s spittle spraying a crowd at a memorial ceremony . Here

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  1. @CallmeLennie – It’s the sequel to “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”. AKA, The Black Creature From The Swamp.

  2. Jackson 5 react to the Biden meme

    He shouts like a cretin all day long
    Baring his dentures at the World Trade throng
    All the Dem proggies with the tone highbrow
    Hate to see Joe going “Bow wow wow!”

    He’s Barkin Biden .. Barkin Biden
    Growl, Barkin Biden cause you really screwed the pooch tonite

    Every little Swallwell, every AOC
    Every little progg in the swamp DC
    The withered old hag; the homicide-ing cop
    Flapping their gums saying “Stop, Joe, stop”

    From barking, Biden…that Barkin Biden

  3. The Ministry of Propaganda (formally known as The Press) is not saying a word about this. Who triggered him, what did he screech, crickets. Same as a couple weeks ago when he answered “my butt is wiped” to a reporters question. The news reported that the reporters tittered; and then they moved on to more substantial stories such as “Trump voters on a par with ISIS”.

    Good grief….we are in deep shit.

  4. You know every one of them is thinking that they just wanna slap the shit out of him and tell him to shut the fuck up, but there’s too many cameras there.

  5. As far as I’m concerned, except for Presidents Reagan and Trump, every POTUS in my lifetime has been a sell-out, self-serving unworthy traitor.
    This absolutely includes the 2 Bush embarrassments. And just where was Waldo? Therapy painting? In a fetal position with a bottle of hooch or masturbating to his Mooch fantasy?


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