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‘We will pierce secrecy’

Sharyl Attkisson ready to rock the political talk show kingdom.

sharyl attkisson show

WashingtonTimes: This could jolt the chatty Sunday talk show realm: The investigators have arrived. “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” debuts this weekend, focusing on investigative journalism and authentic accountability rather than sound bites and talking points, its creators say.

“We will pierce secrecy and seek accountability from government, corporations and special interests. We will report on untouchable topics in a fearless way with a team of award-winning journalists.

We will follow the trail no matter where it leads,” says Ms. Attkisson, a former CBS correspondent and author of the recent bestseller “Stonewalled.” She pines for a proactive public, urging viewers to seek advice from trustworthy sources and make up their own minds about the complexities of politics, money, power and hidden alliances.

The first show features an interview with Republican front-runner Donald Trump and a close analysis of unchecked immigration in the U.S. and elsewhere. Read More

9 Comments on ‘We will pierce secrecy’

  1. I like this lady and will look out for her show.

  2. I hope Sharyl Attkisson takes her personal security seriously, and does not go the way of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings. And I hope her show is available in Hawaii, or streamed at some time other than 3:30 a.m., here. I really want to watch it.

  3. I checked the listing and the local Libby station is carrying it at 11:30am! I’ll be taping that!
    I wonder how long they’ll let it air??

  4. No worries, ‘bra, I have a feeling that Ms. Attkisson’s clips are going to be all over the interwebz!

  5. WHO???!!!….is airing this? Is it FUX News? I’d be surprised, given, ya know.

  6. So her first project is to try and take down Trump? Good warmup for The Donald.
    Like Florida law school grad taking the (easy) Georgia bar exam for practice.

  7. So, 60 Minutes without all the Prog douchebags.

  8. Her first show better have 100 kiloton real people throweight or it’ll be seen as just another “Meet the Press” with femme Chanel tones ( a la early Babwa Wawa). I wonder if her piercing secrecy will be fed by Julian Assange , the JournoList traitors & other such assorted trash.

    The first show will tell if she’s one & done.

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