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Well, that was quick.


Yesterday, I held up this sign calling Donald Trump supporters socialists. Tonight, the Libertarian Party nominated a gay race communist for president. With those choices, I’m standing with Donald Trump.

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  1. This election is looking more and more like divine intervention is taking place.
    I’m praying for President Trump!
    I’m also praying that society is actually waking up and we will be able to peacefully get control before the commies destroy us.

  2. “Hi, my name is Uncle Al, and I’m a libertyaholic.”

    @Dr. Tar, you’re pretty much spot on when it comes to Libertarian Party members. But as you probably know, there are lots of (small-l) libertarians all around. Because of the Party crazies, we’re understandably reluctant to announce it, and you might even recognize that tendency as a sign that we know what we’re doing. 🙄

  3. Liberal, progressive, libertarian,… so many words whose meaning is radically changed.
    The Libertarian Party once nominated Ron Paul. Too bad they didn’t stay in that mindset.

  4. Did you know?
    Kt Timpf the turdette on Fox is a Libertarian
    She hates Trump
    Said vile stuff
    She is vile
    She is also a clone
    She doesn’t know it
    After she vanishes in a few years,
    You’ll know Dana Perino needed a new heart or fresh skin

  5. I said it in the past few years and I’ll say it again.
    What does the modern day libertarian party stands for?
    I mean other than arguing that marijuana should be legal?
    Old days libertarians were almost conservatives advocated for constitutional/civil rights, but usually were isolationists. At times that is your undoing, but most of the time, that is actually a good thing to have.
    These days? They align more with the left and their lunacy under the banner of leave people alone to do what they want.
    Have they even managed to nominate a sane or even an articulate candidate in the past 20 years?
    All noise and nothing of substance.
    Now this clown thinks that MAGA which is all about freedom, constitutional rights, capitalism, peace through strength, America first is somehow socialism.
    No wonder they nominated Chase, who is a certified leftist lunatic.

  6. The problem with the Libertarian party is and always has been that it is comprised of two diametrically opposed groups.
    The first group is the Christian, constitutionalist, natural law types, they take a strict original intent limited government, states right view on most issues and are mostly live and let live on the social issues but tend to be anti abortion, and trans-rights.
    The second group, the group that has won out this year, are the atheists, self worshiping Ayn Rand types who believe there is no god but themselves and believe that because they are gods the government has no right to tell them what to do, essentially they are anarchists, that support abortion up to birth, trans rights and all kinds of perversions they are so far to the right they are extreme leftist bordering on communists.
    The two cannot coexist in the same political party.

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