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Wells Fargo Exec fired for ‘urinating on passenger’

NYP: Wells Fargo has terminated its vice president of operations in India after he allegedly urinated on a 72-year-old woman while they both flew business class aboard a recent Air India flight.

Shankar Mishra, who worked for Wells Fargo at its Mumbai corporate office, was identified as the executive who was terminated, according to the English-language news site of German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Mishra was said to be drunk while aboard a Nov. 26 flight from New York to New Delhi. During the flight, Mishra urinated on a 72-year-old woman who was seated next to him in business class, according to the report.

An attorney for Mishra told local media that the banking executive reached a financial settlement with the unidentified victim as compensation. Mishra also reportedly arranged to have the woman’s clothing and bag cleaned up after it was stained with his urine. more

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  1. Still doesn’t beat the Wall Street investment banker who jumped up on a food cart in First Class, dropped trou and took a dump on the food back in 1995! the folks back in coach thought they had one hellofva soft-serve machine up in First Class!!


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