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Biden’s Smug Press Secretary – “Let Me Unconfuse You”

14 Comments on Biden’s Smug Press Secretary – “Let Me Unconfuse You”

  1. She’s a Spider and a Snake

    Wake UP
    This is a HollyWeird Production
    She is one of those 4K Jumping Spiders
    The wave their Semaphore Flags
    With Eye Blinks

    It’s done on purpose
    You need to Wake Up Now

  2. She’s not a press secretary, she is a press release reader. Every answer she gives, is read from he binder. Follow up questions? Just re-read the page you already read. Tough question not in the binder? Just say “I’ll circle back”. The average high drop out could do just as good a job ( as long as the checked off all the diversity boxes).

  3. What a fukkin skank.
    Why do the Pressies pretend it’s real?
    Pull up your pants and walk out – you’re gonna get nothing from that skank.

    But they’re in the shit up to their necks, aren’t they?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Since Mr Pinko is one year younger than me, he’ll remember the opening theme song of the original Dragnet as it describes her to a “T”.

    Dumb da dumb dumb. Dumb da dumb dumb DUMB! The box of rocks has just moved up the evolutionary ladder thanks to her.


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