We’ve Had President Trump, We’ve Had President Biden – Who Did it Better? – IOTW Report

We’ve Had President Trump, We’ve Had President Biden – Who Did it Better?


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  1. Bingo. I would encourage everyone to go read Agenda 47. And then go compare it to every other candidates written positions and goals. Oh, you can’t. They won’t write that shit down, just in case they’re forced to change position.

  2. Trump has a proven track record that Bitme and his CCP handlers and other moral high grounders despise. He’s not perfect – far from it, in fact – but if you’re going to let perfect be the enemy of good, then you”re going to get another Biteme or Biteme-Lite (RDS) to continue the elitist globalist destruction of America. TRUMP 2024!

  3. We have a hot loaf of bread right out of the oven, and we have a warm deposit of fresh cat feces right out of the cat. Which smells better?

    Y’know, some questions just answer themselves.

  4. It’s not even close.

    If we somehow manage to get a free and fair election this time Biden can go into retirement and disappear. My preference is that he goes to the slammer, but that won’t happen.

    Name one thing Biden has improved. You can’t. The man is not only a disaster, he’s evil and he’s purposefully inflicting pain on America, which he hates.

    We’re way beyond incompetence and into the realm of pure evil.

  5. Why can’t IOTW show the meme of FJB on the trike? I miss it. I would like to see it multiple times a day.
    It is classic and very effective showing how absurd Biden is.
    Has IOTW been threatened with legal action over the meme?

  6. Byron wants to be the first black male VP.
    I believe it’s against the rules for both to hail from the same state?
    However, Trump could change his residency to New Jersey since he owns property there.

    Personally I hope he refrains from a diversity hire.
    That said, his hiring track record… Ooof!

  7. It’s all about perspective. Biden is great at selling off America to the comchinks, whereas Trump is great at making America great. It all depends on if you are a fuckin’ shit suckin’ commie…or an American!

  8. What I would like is:

    Trump: 4 more Years
    DeSantis: 8 Years Following

    Hunter: In Jail
    Biden: Sentient enough to have to actually PARDON HIS OWN SON, BROTHER etc. and still see them get arrested after the fact for other shit.
    Jill: having to defend letting her husband Molest Ashley B.
    Fauci: Sued into OBLIVION & dragged through the Legal Shit until he dies of Myocarditis while being Questioned in Public.

    That’s a Hell of a Christmas Wish, I know…
    I better start being Nice to Santa.

  9. So wait a minute here…
    Cuckservatives want Trump back? Even after this dude took the greatest economic recovery in history and then threw it all away for Pharma cash…? You seriously think the 2nd time around will be better?

    You people are insane and deserve the 15 minute trump city he’s going to build for you.

    The guy had his chance to shine and sold us all out like a bad deal.
    The correct answer is “none of the above”

  10. The real question coming in 2024 since we’ve allowed the last two national elections to be… err… ehh… reinforced… uhh… arranged… eep… determined by powers beyond the individual person’s voting, is which DEEP STATE STOOGE will be installed as president in chief of the joint? Who did what better? What’s better? Define better, go ahead, your own definition, better.


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