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WH Claims Executive Privilege Over 200 Biden Emails


The White House asserted executive privilege over 200 records housed at the National Archives (NARA) concerning Hunter Biden’s business interactions with the Office of the Vice President during the Obama administration, according to America First Legal (AFL) on Wednesday.

America First Legal launched a lawsuit to obtain records from NARA encompassing communications between January 2011 and December 2013 with the name of Hunter Biden’s company, “Rosemont Seneca.”

In response to AFL’s records request, NARA refused to release the records, admitting the disclosure would reveal “confidential advice” between then-Vice President Joe Biden and White House advisers. NARA did provide 861 records that apparently did not fall under executive privilege. More

10 Comments on WH Claims Executive Privilege Over 200 Biden Emails

  1. this is an admission of guilt
    the FOIA request was for emails addressed to hunter, via rosemont, and from biden’s private secret, non-governmental account. Now that there has been admission that they do indeed exist, after years long denial of any such a thing, they are withholding 200 because of security issues. That is withholding evidence, for if they claim them to contain security material, and were sent via secret, non-secure email, then that is the very evidence that is being requested.
    they will claim they have to be held back in order to preserve security, but there was no concern about security when they were originally sent. If hunter, or anyone else at rosemont was able to see them, then so should the general public be able to view them.
    biden should just say he won’t run them over because of the 5th amendment.

  2. How does he claim executive privilege when he wasn’t POTUS at the time? This is the same bullshit that went on with this stolen documents. As a VP, he actually committed a crime. Trump, as POTUS, did not.

    But we all know that federal law is a contradiction in terms now.


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